Ready to Take Action!

June 30th, Queen of Staves

Today your wit and wisdom are strong. You have much enthusiasm, fire and are ready to take action! You are ready for a business expansion … you’re busy, but focused on your goals!

This is a good day to move forward in business or creative venture… you will be successful!

When representing a woman she’s in a position of authority, she is a “lioness” … warm, generous and loving, honorable, creative, intelligent, friendly and mature. Be sure to take her advice as it is well worth taking!

Tricia of βœ”

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Gracefully Aging

March 13th, Gracefully Aging

Most people dread getting older! However, today I ask you to think about your age in a different way. Look at your inner and outer beauty and appreciate your Divine magnificence!
See the beauty that growing older represents, you have much more wisdom than you used to!
As you get older you glow with inner peace and wisdom. Also your maturity signifies others will look to you for answers, truly this is an honor. This all comes from hard-won years of learning. Although you may feel much younger then it says on paper, graceful aging means that you’re comfortable with yourself in every way.

☑How has your Maturity & Wisdom with age rewarded you? My fave for me: The ability to call BullS#it and just…walk away. Ah, the freedom!

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March 1st, Speak With Integrity

How often do you really Listen to the words that flow out of your mouth? Do you ever stop to think about how these words will affect others?
Be kind, be loving. Use your words for Good, to lift others up and not bring others down. Yes, this includes yourself! Speak kindly to yourself every single day. Afer all you are the one relationship you will have for a lifetime!

Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.comβœ” Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at $20USD, visit my website for more information. Link can be found above in my Bio. β†—πŸ”β†– I look forward to working with you!

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Let Go

November 29th, Let Go

Everyone has their own issues to deal with. I have mine and you have yours.
When you THINK you know what issues someone is dealing with, but you’re really clueless over their situation is when we get into trouble.
A small thing becomes huge, feelings are hurt, people shut down, peace, love and empathy are left behind.
Realize that until you have walked the Journey of another, you don’t know what that Journey is about.
Let go of the need to assume.

Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.comβ¬… Where will your Journey take you?

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Past-Life Relationships

November 21st, Past Life Relationship

Soul mates recognize each other quickly, often through a romantic or sexual chemistry that is felt for the other person. This chemistry draws the two people together and can surpass logic. This is because the purpose of the relationship is to heal and learn life lessons.
You have some unfinished business with a soul mate from a past life time. This may include forgiving them, a joint project or learning some personal lessons together.
This soul mate may or may not become your life partner. Either way you’ll experience personal and spiritual lessons such as lots of personal growth.
Enjoy this time together!

Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you?

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The Hermit: Card of the Day

July 9th: The Hermit 

See the path ahead this Hermit is to take? Sometimes we need to get away, the mountains can be a good place for this inner exploration of your thoughts.

The question: What do you want? What do you see ahead for you, what do you WANT to see ahead in the future for you?

Time to do some soul-searching and connect with Spirit, stop ignoring what it is trying to tell you. Gain perspective on your life so you can be open to the inner guidance that is readily available to you. 

Father Time waits for no one, let go and go within. Some things need to die in order for a new life to emerge.


Tricia of βœ”   Where will your Journey take you?

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The Hermit


When we think of a Hermit we may think of two paths, one inner and one outer. There is the inner withdrawal – to go within and reconnect with Spirit or the outer withdrawal from the world. Meditation is a useful process here. The prospect of finding or connecting to God/Spirit through a personal experience. Hermits were also thought of as living Saints.

We may also see the Hermit as a teacher, the special guide that will help us find our way. This could be a tarot card reader, a therapist, a mentor, a spirit guide or even our dreams. The star in the lantern that the Hermit holds gives us what we need to find him, the guiding light. He will help us find our way if we use our Strength from the previous card to follow him.

In a reading the Hermit symbolizes a withdrawal from outer concerns. This can be emotional withdrawal and at times from other people and activities that we thought were important. If you’ve been overworking yourself you may need to take a rest and relax, get in touch with yourself. Your maturity that you gained in the Chariot will serve you well as you now have a knowledge of what really matters in your life. You have all the answers within you but you may need a bit of time to access them.

When we see the Hermit as a guide this allows you to make your own self-discoveries. It is smart to follow your own path and principles even when you may feel lost. Perhaps you may need to reestablish your balance and allow time and space for all factors to emerge. If you have a major decision to make, now is not the time to do it even if you’re feeling pressured into it. Wait, go within and stand by your principles.

When you are in the healing traditions or that of a parent, you may indeed be the Hermit displaying your role as a guide and teacher to others. When others are in disagreement and both sides blame you, step back. If there is no audience, the quarreling will usually die down.

Keywords for The Hermit: careful thought & contemplation, guide, teacher, wisdom, peace, solitude, knowledge, searching, meditation, research & study, seeker, reflection, intuition.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; and third, by experience which is the bitterest.” ~Confucius

“In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first.” ~Jimi Hendrix

Blessings on your Journey,


The High Priestess



Here we see a woman sitting upon her throne. She is mystical, wise, compelling, elegant and intuitive. With her cat by her side she holds in her hands a scroll and blooming sage, both signifying wisdom. We see the sky above her while the moon and starts are at her feet showing her centered and neutral.

As a Priestess we see the reintroduction of the female principle into religion and cosmology, thus stepping away from The Magician. When thinking of a Priest we generally think man, not woman. Men have been the dominant role in religion for ages depicting such qualities of being beyond reach, seen as unapproachable, callous, emphasizing sin, punishment and judgement. Men are also seen as active, strict, rugged and of a logical mind.

As a woman the High Priestess shows qualities of love and mercy. In addition she represents a deeper and subtle aspect of females, the mysteries and secrets that we have are kept hidden. To men women may seem mysterious, passive and non-action oriented.

People have a tendency to link passivity with a negative view, such as inferiority and weakness. Yet when we are passive and not in constant action we give ourselves the opportunity to β€˜go within’ and connect with our own self on a deeper spiritual and intuitive level. It is this withdrawal from the outside world and all that we are involved in on a daily basis that allows our inner voice to come to the surface so we may hear that still small voice emerge. Many people stay busy so as not to hear this inner voice. However, this passivity can bring to the surface hidden wisdom from within ourselves, our heart, and our soul.

This is the message of the High Priestess, to go within yourself. You have secrets and potential that wish to become known.


Today in our society we seem to be in a constant rush with very little time, if any to connect to our own self on a truly spiritual level. Sure, lots of people go to Church on a weekly basis, but how often do you find yourself in the middle of service thinking, β€œOh I wish this would hurry up, I have things to do!” Β The High Priestess symbolizes taking time to connect within, of learning on a different level.

There is a mystery of life, of which we can obtain knowledge when we take the time to be still. Yet, it is at these times when we are still that our fears come to the surface, when these do so we are given the opportunity to face them which gives to us a new sense of wisdom and beauty. This passive withdrawal and contemplation gives to us time to allow that which we have shut down and hidden in the dark recesses of our mind to awaken. These mysteries and secrets of self and sometimes other matters are the message of the High Priestess.

Trust your intuition and instincts, you have potential that you have not yet explored or perhaps has yet to be fulfilled. Gain your balance, become neutral so upon looking again at your situation you may see something that you missed previously. Once you have your realization, then take action or the potential will not be realized. Pay attention to your dreams, they too may be trying to tell you something!

In a man’s love/relationship reading this can represent a woman that he is very attracted to. She can be of a Spiritual nature, intuitive, creative, sexy, feminine, intoxicating … but you might not be able to have her!?

Look at Spiritual matters in a different way, talk to people who have beliefs different than your own. Get out of your comfort zone, you may learn something new about yourself in the process.

Every intelligent individual wants to know what makes him tick, and yet is at once fascinated and frustrated by the fact that oneself is the most difficult of all things to know. – Alan Watts

Blessings to you on your Journey,