Self Enslavement 

October 20th, The Devil

You may feel that a situation is dragging you down and you’re helpless to change it. This may be  a form of enslavement: to an ideal, a manipulative relationship, overspending, material things, mind games with yourself or overindulgence in anything that isn’t good for you. Remember this  is self-enslavement. Look at your situation and release yourself from the chains that bind you. 

This card can also show you are keeping secrets, or others have some secret plans you don’t know about.

Sometimes the Devil shows up when we really need a bit of fun in our life. We need to release the chains that bind us to move forward. Stop working so much, get out and have a bit of fun! 

This can show a healthy or improving sex life, strong impulsive urges, a lust for life, a passionate or compelling relationship with a strong physical attraction. 

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The Magician, Card of the Day

July 5th: The Magician 

You have skills my friend! You know this, right!? 

We create our own destiny, we have all the magic that we’ll ever need within us already, the gist of it is that we don’t use our gifts or our abilities to manifest the life we want. Most of us walk around like a dog on a leash, tethered to false ideas about ourselves and our bad habits.

You have the power to create. Secure your Vision, create the life you desire. All the power you’ll ever need is within you. You are the Magician!     #happywednesday 

Tricia of 

Where will your Journey take you?

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