Light at the End of the Tunnel

July 11th, 6 of Wands Reversed

If you feel frustrated and angry today, are ready to do battle to get things set right… hang in there! I know the hopes and wishes that you have for your success are being delayed but sometimes that happens! And it’s factors over which you have no control! πŸ˜‘

You’re being challenged by circumstances to take a stance about who you are and what you intend to accomplish.

Best Advice: hang in there! Your Victory is at hand! You might just have to wait a little longer than you intended! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer!


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Bo Open to Success!

June 15th, Be Open to Success

If you find yourself in the spotlight, or receiving recognition for the amazing things that you have done, enjoy it! Embrace it!
Be humble, yet own your confidence and step forward into the spotlight! Know that you got this! It’s okay to be successful! You may find yourself called to balance multiple priorities or projects – stay centered and grounded. With focus, self discipline, and effort you will achieve Victory!
This card can also indicate travel- where are you going to this weekend?

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Spiritual Growth

January 20th, Spiritual Growth

You’re in the midst of a change which is part of your Spiritual Growth. Should challenges present themselves on this Journey, hang in there as they will bring about great Blessings!
As things begin to wrap up, you will really, truly become aware that You Are Very Strong, indeed.
Often, to gain a new perspective, to obtain growth we must leave behind our comfort zone. We must reach deep down to a reservoir of Strength you don’t know you have. (Been here and I’ve done this, it can be h*ll but afterwards 😍)This strength is peaceful and powerful. This new life lesson will give you experience for the next one. You will let go of the old pain and forgive your past. #growth

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Victory & Triumph!Β 

November 12th, Ace of Swords

Victory and triumph over your situations today!
This is an indication the things that you have to or are dealing with now will require DEEP reserves of inner strength.
You will overcome setbacks and adversity through your own actions! You can really see the truth in all matters! You’ve got this AND you’re awesome! Congrats!


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Slow and Steady!Β 

November 1st,  Knight of Coins 

Results are finally forthcoming,  your slow and steady pace has finally won the race!

Something you have been patiently waiting for finally comes through today! 

You’ve kept your thoughts positive, been dependable and have conquered the obstacles in your path. 

Continue on your Journey and keep up the good work! Your Knight in Shining Armor awaits!

Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.comβ¬… Where will your Journey take you? 
Email readings start at $20USD,  visit my website for more information.  Link can be found above in my Bio. πŸ”I look forward to working with you! πŸ’–
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The Chariot


Here we see our hero, the man in the Chariot out to conquer. Words that come to mind are victory, success, speed and will.

How did the Charioteer harness all this energy? When looking at the previous cards on our Tarot Journey we can see growth and maturity. No longer the adolescent, we now see a mature adult. When we think of a mature adult we usually envision someone who is successful in their life, admired by others, a person of confidence with control over themselves, their mind, their feelings. Maturity is here and instills a strong will and you’re ready to succeed.

With maturity also comes a maturity of Spirit. Spiritual victory comes when we can connect to nature, to that which is larger than us and through our conscious will establish a connection. Through our Spirit we are able to focus and release our force. We also learn as we get older to control our ego, this gives us the ability to resolve our conflicts in life.

Looking at the card we see the Charioteer holds no reigns, he is guiding the sphinx by the sheer force of his will. This implies his strong character. His emotions are strong, mature, and stable. The town in the background is small indicating his strength in himself and not that of society holding the reigns.

In a reading The Chariot is a card of triumph through personal effort. Self-discipline is required so your victory may be achieved. You should be succeed over any obstacles that lie ahead. Just as the charioteer is the driving force you must use your will, intention and focus to persevere.

You may also have an inner conflict (rather than external) in order to succeed you need to control this so you may achieve your success. Obstacles and blocks will be removed but you must focus upon your path, if you get distracted you may veer off course.

Keywords for The Chariot: Victory, change, travel, big change, new adventures, personal vision, strength of will, moving house, making a major or minor life change in career or lifestyle, a vacation, self-confidence, motivation, determination, personal power.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” ~ Henry Ford

Blessings to you on your journey,