The End …

October 18th, DEATH

The end is near. Whatever is outdated in your life is ready to die. This is the card showing the ending of one phase of life to make way for a new one. Get ready for some major change and transformation! 
Now there is that C word – Change.  Yep! Out with the old and in with the new! You’ll have to be open to change and realize that every life experience gives you growth and experience to continue on the next phase of your Journey. So see, nothing to fear so long as you are open to the change! Your old ways must be destroyed to make room for the new that is coming into being.
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Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you?🌎

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Don’t Fear the Reaper


August 20th: Emotions 

Change and transition!  Perhaps your feelings are speaking to you a bit louder today, than usual?! Why?

You’re evolving and progressing so you’ll naturally have a different perspective than you did before.

When you ignore your feelings, your emotions they’ll grow louder and stronger so you will hear them loud and clear! 

So … listen!

What in your life is becoming intolerable?  If you enjoyed it previously, and now it no longer holds your interest this would be because you and your emotions have changed regarding the situation. 

Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself the opportunity to grow and evolve more from this new knowledge of yourself! 

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Tricia of  😊  Where will your Journey take you?  👣
Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information. Link can be found in my Bio above 🔝 I look forward to working with you!  
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