Personal Transformation

September 11th, Blame

We give away our power, sometimes on a daily basis. Instead of giving away your power, why not transform your own life?
Most people have a very tender ego, when we feel that we are under Fire the first thing we do is blame an outside force. We become the victim. The mentality of “oh poor me” is our constant reality. Realize this is an illusion! YOU alone are responsible for your problems.
Personal responsibility is a beautiful thing! This can Empower & change your whole life! It can transform how you view your life, how you live your life.
Know there is a difference between a reason and an excuse! What’s your excuse?!🤔😑 what?! Stop shifting the blame! NO Excuses! Take responsibility TODAY! Take Control of your LIFE!

Tricia of ✔

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January 12th, Priorities & Master Teacher

What priorities have you set for yourself this New Year? To bring in the New, you must clear away the old first.
Stop eating unhealthy foods and drink more water, clean out the clutter in your home, ditch the bad habits and old routines. Even types of free time must be sacrificed so you can open yourself up to new energies.
You don’t have time to work out? Just how many hours of TV did you watch this week? 😆
Your Guides are with you, guiding you. Be realistic in your goals, know that you have to put in the work to gain the rewards of the harvest.
What will your priorities be this weekend? Tell me⤵⤵
Tricia of✔ Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at $20USD, visit my website for more information. Link can be found above in my Bio. 🔝ℹ I look forward to working with you!

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Patience & Planning

January 10th, 7 of Pentacles

Have patience today! The plans you have made are in process and will bear fruit, but things take a bit of time. Don’t become discouraged! Know things are happening for your good, right here right now!
So, in the meantime review your progress and decide what your next step will be. What has worked, what hasnt? Make changes as necessary.
When your moment arrives you’ll be ready to go!

Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.comℹ Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at $20USD, visit my website for more information. Link can be found above in my Bio. ⬆🔝⬆ I look forward to working with you!

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The End …

October 18th, DEATH

The end is near. Whatever is outdated in your life is ready to die. This is the card showing the ending of one phase of life to make way for a new one. Get ready for some major change and transformation! 
Now there is that C word – Change.  Yep! Out with the old and in with the new! You’ll have to be open to change and realize that every life experience gives you growth and experience to continue on the next phase of your Journey. So see, nothing to fear so long as you are open to the change! Your old ways must be destroyed to make room for the new that is coming into being.
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Don’t Fear the Reaper


August 20th: Emotions 

Change and transition!  Perhaps your feelings are speaking to you a bit louder today, than usual?! Why?

You’re evolving and progressing so you’ll naturally have a different perspective than you did before.

When you ignore your feelings, your emotions they’ll grow louder and stronger so you will hear them loud and clear! 

So … listen!

What in your life is becoming intolerable?  If you enjoyed it previously, and now it no longer holds your interest this would be because you and your emotions have changed regarding the situation. 

Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself the opportunity to grow and evolve more from this new knowledge of yourself! 

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Tricia of  😊  Where will your Journey take you?  👣
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Invention & Creativity: Card of the Day

July 11th: Invention & Creativity 

Some days you’re handed lemons, get creative and make lemonade!

You are not your circumstances, you have not inherited a load of negativity. You have the power to change your circumstances via the change in your thoughts, your mindset. 

Use the pain you’ve experienced to move yourself to a higher ground, it has given you strength! 

Remember to be grateful for all the positive in your life, continue with this mindset to fuel your creative passions and have the life you desire!

Tricia of ✔

Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information! I look forward to working with you! 😊❤

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There’s that DEATH card, now what?


In my last post I mentioned the Death card. Does this mean that you or someone else is actually going to die?

And what if the Devil card shows up? Does it mean that Tarot and Oracle cards are kind of an evil thing? Is this the “devil’s work”? Am I possessed? Are you going to be possessed?

My answer is no, not at all. If you read my last post I wrote about how Hollywood will portray the Tarot in such a light that it is unbecoming. A lot of it comes down to this negative portrayal in the movies & other media or via personal religious teachings that have been handed down. Recently I had a woman that liked my business name & asked what it was that I did. After I told her she let me know in no uncertain terms that I was probably going to hell for reading the cards. I’ve known this woman for many years and I respect her opinion, although I do not agree with it.

The Tarot are paper cards with images on them, as are Oracle cards. Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards with images that I would equate to our life journey, while Oracle cards can have a various number of cards in the set with images of butterflies, animals, and even angels just to name a few.

So, while we’re at it take out a dollar bill or even a Benjamin if you’ve got one in your wallet. What is that? A piece of paper with an image on it.

What gives it value? Plain and simple, you do.

And just as you give something value, I give a reading value. I love to help people. This is my professional business and I treat it as such.

There probably are some Tarot readers that are all doom and gloom going after the whole Hollywood shtick. That’s not me, I always try to read in the positive as my desire is to help others. The Tarot just happens to be my ‘vehicle’ for doing so. Other people are musicians, teachers, athletic coaches; it is about bringing joy while helping someone thru your work. To help others achieve a higher level of accomplishment in their life, that’s what I aim to do with my intuitive readings. If we as individuals can achieve more clarification, more education, and more direction on our life journey, we’re making some awesome progress. And our life will be much more meaningful, joyful and productive as a result!

So that Death card, does it mean someone is going to die? No. It does mean a big change and transition; an ending before a new beginning can start, of which we have many during our lifetime. Stop hanging onto things that no longer serve you. This could mean a relationship, that closet full of clothes that you don’t wear, the job that is going nowhere. Think of it as a butterfly just about to emerge out of the cocoon, which is major change and transformation.

What about the Devil? This means that something is holding you back, most likely fear which is something that you have in your mind holding you hostage. The “Oh I can’t do this, I’m not good enough” thoughts that rattle around in your brain. You may be overindulging in something that isn’t very good for you, an addiction of sorts: sex, drugs, food or liquor. It can also mean a passionate relationship or an improving sex-life, doesn’t necessarily mean a good one though. Or maybe you need to throw caution to the wind and live it up a little bit! As always the meanings need to be read in accordance to the other cards in the spread.

What about the Sun? Does that mean you need to apply more sunscreen? Well it’s probably not a bad idea for me here in the high mountains of Colorado! But, the Sun does mean to let your true self shine and share your inner light with others! Perhaps others need the sunscreen & some sunglasses, you’re so bright, shiny and happy that they will need it!  Things should be going very well for you, success at last. No clouds are blocking your view, you can see clearly now.

Hopefully this little post will help to give you a different outlook on the Tarot as we shined a little light on things with the help of the Sun. And if Tarot is not for you, that’s okay too as I respect you.


Many blessings!

Tricia  img_20161012_202459

Next up … how about we go on a little Journey together, of meaning??