Making New Friends

September 4th, Making New Friends
You may find that your circle of friends and acquaintances is changing! This is due to the new interests and priorities in your life. So, if you notice that you aren’t as drawn to your old friends and you don’t have as much in common anymore, it’s okay.
Any type of relationship evolves over time and right now you are finding people who are more like-minded, are being drawn to you. This helps to inspire, support and compliment you upon your journey. These are people who understand you and you will be more likely to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires this way. Know that as your old friends may part ways with you, these new people are entering your life. It’s all for the better.

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Creative Energy

August 15th, Swan

Your creativity runs high! Today, take time to journey into the realm of writing, creating and reflecting. This Creative Energy that you are emanating … is a healing energy- do not take it for granted or take this lightly! Your soul is calling for attention and, a little bit of alone time.
You have an inner voice that is waiting to be heard and, more than likely an inner Vision that needs to be revealed. Let your creative energy flow freely today!

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Blast From the Past

June 18th, Reconciliation

Reconciliations can be very important! This could be with an ex-lover, friend or family member.
When we heal the past it allows us to have a brighter future as we learn more about or past choices and decisions. This knowledge allows us to make better decisions as we walk through our life Journey.
Also, forgive each other. You were a different person back then and have (hopefully) grown and matured since. Now you know yourself better and can be more vocal about your feelings and desires in your relationships.
And for those whose ex-lover comes back, know that this card can indicate a new beginning for both of you, perhaps together, perhaps not?! Each relationship is a sacred learning experience, take these lessons to heart. The healing will help your love life!
Remember after an ending starts a new beginning, with a better foundation! 💖

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At the End

April 23rd, 10 of Swords

The good news today is you’re at the beginning of the end. This card signifies the start of a new cycle. First you have to clear away the debris the old cycle. This process may be painful. You need to break free from the past and all its pain and suffering this could mean a divorce, quitting your job, moving across the country, or the most difficult sometimes: just changing your mind, your belief system, your thoughts.
Make the break clean and leave no new no Loose Ends. You’re on the right path, stop worrying.

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The Wheel of Fortune


Here we see a wheel, set against the backdrop of the sky. There is no human element available to take control of the wheel and influence its movement. The movement of the wheel is random, so perhaps fate or luck are at work? What is controlling this wheel?

As the wheel turns, does it dip into our conscious when on the downward dip and the subconscious on the upward swing? Or, does this represent the ups and downs that we experience on our life journey? The downs give us our strength while the ups allow us to rejoice that we made it through the troublesome times and it is all a part of God’s divine plan? This divine plan is held at bay because of our lack of perception that everything is intertwined, we are all connected. Truly everything connects because we are all part of the Universe that was designed by God.

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dali Lama

Now at the halfway point though our journey through the Major Arcana Tarot cards we see a vision of the inner meaning of life. We’re all connected, and as the wheel turns change occurs within us and we too along with it. Whereas the Hermit turned away from the outer world to concentrate his attention within, now with the Wheel of Fortune we start again on our journey.

“Learned we may be with another man’s learning: we can only be wise with wisdom of our own.” -Michael de Montaigne

Hopefully we’ve gotten a sense of where we have been, but now where and what do we want to head towards? Are we at a milestone of some kind? Finishing High School, graduating from College, getting married? Or are we going through a divorce and having to start all over again? Completed caring for an aging parent that took much of our time and now that the loved one has passed, what to do with the free time? Perhaps retirement is on the horizon and all the free time is staring us in the face while we’re wondering if this is the road we want to travel, the change difficult but exciting as it is unknown?

In divinatory meanings:

The Wheel of Fortune is known as a ‘destiny card’ and typically brings a positive change of fortune. Some change of fortune should be coming about in your life, typically for the better. However, even though it may be for the better, we may not understand just why this has come about. Fate? Or as some say, Karma? Things change, life changes and as such the Wheel turns.

Another thing to remember with the Wheel of Fortune is to remain grounded and center yourself so while the wheel turns you have the opportunity to control your reaction to the changes it brings. Do you act out, or do you accept and adapt? What will your reaction be? How will you respond? This IS up to you!

Lastly, it indicates a new cycle of change where much progress can be made. Be sure to make the most of this fortunate time as change is constant. What will come next?!

“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” –Dalai Lama


Blessings on your journey!

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