Self Enslavement 

October 20th, The Devil

You may feel that a situation is dragging you down and you’re helpless to change it. This may be  a form of enslavement: to an ideal, a manipulative relationship, overspending, material things, mind games with yourself or overindulgence in anything that isn’t good for you. Remember this  is self-enslavement. Look at your situation and release yourself from the chains that bind you. 

This card can also show you are keeping secrets, or others have some secret plans you don’t know about.

Sometimes the Devil shows up when we really need a bit of fun in our life. We need to release the chains that bind us to move forward. Stop working so much, get out and have a bit of fun! 

This can show a healthy or improving sex life, strong impulsive urges, a lust for life, a passionate or compelling relationship with a strong physical attraction. 

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Life Force / Aphrodite: Card of the Day 

July 15th: Life Force / Aphrodite

Feel like gettin your groove on? Feel passion & your sexuaity running through your veins today? 👿 Attraction, seduction, lust, power, intrigue, your Life Force and a green light of availability is flashing to a sexual partner today…

This Life Force makes the world go round, doesn’t it?

The key to enjoying all this power is containment, contain and control this force instead of letting it control  and overwhelm you. Otherwise you become mindlessly addicted to your senses which can debilitate and enslave you. (Dang it!)

When this firey Passionate Life Force is fuled inside you it is best directed upon a path using your judgement and discrimination. I understand the essence & passion of the one-nighter, sure. But be mindful upon the path that your inner fire is leading you down. 

Partner your passion with reason and the greater force of love to bring about the true Passion, the inner Passion of soulmate ecstacy that you seek.

Feel the force of Aphrodite and embrace your Passionate side, your sexual self, yet be respectful and use your passion creatively and from a place of love. Not that of destruction. 

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Where will your Journey take you?

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The Empress


Here we see a woman sitting on her throne, who is clearly pregnant indicating her fertility. Where the High Priestess indicated the mysterious and intuitive side of the feminine The Empress represents motherhood, love, and gentleness. She is the Mother Goddess full of emotion, passion and sensuality as well as sexuality.

She wears the stars as a halo representing the Zodiac, the 9 pearls around her neck are the 9 planets, and she is literally surrounded by the creation of the universe. The river behind her a life force, for we all need water to have life and for nature to continue on. It also symbolizes consistent change but stability as well. The river is always a river although the water contained within is different. The heart shaped shield next to her throne has the symbol of Venus, the Roman version of the Great Goddess.

In a reading The Empress represents growth, prosperity and fertility. Happy conclusions to matters and if you’ve been working hard and long at something, good rewards for all your efforts. Situations should come to fruition soon.

In addition The Empress is a card of passion but that of nurturing a pregnancy, birth, motherhood or creative work projects. Think of that project as your baby? You’re pregnant with new creative ideas and with The Empress in a reading, this project has a very good chance of being born!

Protect the children and loved ones in your life, nurture these relationship so they will continue to flourish. Get in touch with your feminine power, your sensual side. Connect with nature and find joy in creation and the rewards of potential fulfilled!

Beauty is a precious trace that eternity causes to appear to us and that it takes away from us. A manifestation of eternity, and a sign of death as well. ~ Eugene Ionesco

Blessings on your Journey,