Look Around!

September 17th: 5 of Cups 

If you’re feeling a little sad today, stop and look around at the Good in your life!

So many time we are focused on the “Don’ts” = I don’t have a bigger house, I don’t have a nice car, I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever it is you Don’t have and its wreaking havoc with your emotions. 

So, stop and look at what you DO have! 

You have a house or apartment or a roof over your head, you have a car or even a bicycle, or your two feet that get you around! You may not have a boyfriend or girlfriend but hey, that doesn’t mean you never will! 

The 5 of Cups is about emotional sadness and looking to see what GOOD is still left in the situation. The Man is crying and in anguish but isnt looking at the 2 Cups still upright behind him. What gifts are waiting there that he is neglecting?

So take a look around and be grateful for that which you DO Have! 

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