The Tower: Time for a Revolution 

August 2nd: The Tower

Anticipation… Change … it is time.

Anything built upon false belief is now coming to an end. This change may be unexpected or sudden, however when this card shows up it can be Validation as you knew that something was on its way. 

We humans are not so fond of change, we get comfortable, comfy, cozy, lazy. We stay blind to the probability and the possibility of seeing the writing on the wall. You know it’s probably in big, bright letters but we turn a blind eye towards the change. 

Change is the one true constant in our life! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Situations that were deemed permanent may be changing. Now, this change gives us the ability to start over with a new and improved foundation! Don’t resist as this is necessary to bring forth peace and enlightenment! Tear down all the old, get rid of it so you may welcome in the new!

Whatever obstacles were in your path and holding you back from fulfilling your potential or happiness should be cleared away now. These obstacles may be imposed upon you yourself. Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Expect a breakthrough today!  

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