The Emperor: Card of the Day 

July 29th: The Emperor

Triumph and Success should be your today! You’ve gained wisdom on your life Journey. You make decisions based on facts and are not overly influenced by your emotions. 

Today if you’re working on personal goals today you’re in a good position to achieve them, especially if they pertain to business or career matters. Of course you’ll have to put the work in, so structure and organization ware important!

Should your personal goals involve relationships, don’t get overly emotional and look at things with a clear mind, be rational in your decisions. 

Make a to-do list and get to it today, no excuses! How often do we use excuses to get out of doing something? If you want to reach for the stars, you’ve got to get out of bed! 

What you do today, creates your tomorrow! 

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Tricia of 👈 Where will your Journey take you?

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Unity: 2 of Cups

July 28th: 2 of Cups

In regards to romantic relationships, this card is always a welcome sight! Growth in a relationship is at hand! Whatever stage you’re currently at, you’ll be heading to the next level! Commitment, engagement, marriage, an important union is coming up!

There is a silent understanding that words cannot express. Life cannot be imagined without the other. Relationships will be surrounded by an atmosphere of harmony, balance, kindness. If you’ve been on rocky ground, reconciliation can take place and the feelings that initiated the union come back full force strengthening your bond. ❤🕊

Aside from romantic entanglements, this card is one of unions, be it family or business partners you are in harmony with each other. 

Enjoy this new stage of joy and happiness in whatever relationship it shows up for you today!

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Tricia of 👈     Where will your Journey take you? 

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The Star: Card of the Day 

July 17th: The Star

Have Faith today! Be optimistic! Know that better times are ahead for you! 

This card is always a welcome sight in any situation! 

If you’ve been ill, expect healing! If you’ve experienced relationship problems, those should be healed. A new relationship aspected with this card would show harmony and a good future! Leave the past behind, let go of that which no longer serves you and know you can find love again, better things are destined for you!

Find and live your TRUTH!

Tricia of  👈  Where will your Journey take you?
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The Lovers: Card of the Day

July 6th: The Lovers

Relationships deliver unto us many blessings and some of the most difficult decisions at times. 

Love is Blind … do what you love and everything will follow naturally. 👣

This is a card of passion, potentiality of a sexual nature and blissful state from the harmony of combined polarities, yin and yang, the combination of opposites. 

Work together to create the bliss you desire.

Tricia of  ⬅✔

Where will your Journey take you?

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The Lovers


In the Rider Waite depiction (middle card above) we see a mature man and a single woman presided over by an angel. In earlier versions of card #6 the title was ‘The Choice’ with the divination meaning of an important choice between two desires. We still see this card referring to choices in life which can be major or minor.

Our life is once ongoing choice. These options appear at a young age. In adolescence we first begin challenging the authority of our parents and their expectations of us.

Reviewing the previous cards of the Major Arcana, The Empress #3, The Emperor #4 and The Hierophant #5 we see the individual shaped by nature, society and our parents. Now we can see how the Lovers expresses our sexuality (and awakening hormones) that emerge with adolescence giving way to moral independence. As we mature it is time to make our own decisions, take hold of responsibilities and realize our desires moving forward on our life path.

Our adolescent years are the beginning of our forming relationships with others, which opens the way to what has been called ‘puppy love’. In addition we begin to establish relationships with our friends, mentors, and teachers. As we get older and more socially experienced we learn the give and take of relationships, the choices we face where we are given the glimpse of a new unity with others as well as a new relationship with our self. When becoming open to someone else we are given the option, the choice of surrendering our ego and seeing something greater than ourselves, thus represented by the Angel in the Rider Waite depiction.

Divinatory Meanings:  The Lovers card indicates love and relationships which are so very important to us in all stages of our life. We have our parental relationship, family, friends, teachers, spirit, and as we get older our coworkers, bosses, mentors, love interests, spouse, children and so on.

A particular relationship has or will become very important, you may even obtain a new life lesson via this relationship. This can also indicate help from your lover or emotional support in or from a relationship.

In the past it can represent nostalgia for an old lover, the present: your current love interest & the present choices you face in the relationship; the future: a new love on the horizon or making a commitment in a present relationship such as marriage, engagement or other relationship tie such as career or business. All of these instances involve choice. So follow your heart and keep in mind the higher good. Perhaps the Angel is a matchmaker bringing two lovers, or two people together and the Angel watching over the couple.

Some Keywords of this card:  Love, desire, destiny, romance, attraction, romantic bliss, emotions, harmony, the perfect union expressed through love, growth, duality, opposites, partners. Challenges overcome so that two lovers can be together. Choices in our relationships past, present and future.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~Oscar Wilde


Blessings on your journey!