You’ve Taken Charge!

July 23rd, Rebel/Ownership

It’s time for your Spirit to Rebel from your Ego and take charge of your life! There’s no one to answer to but your higher self. It’s time to be free of the fear you carry over from the past. (Agreed!) You have reached a pivotal place in your spiritual journey, and you own it! You’re able to take full responsibility for all your actions, thoughts and words. YOU have STRENGTH!

You have grown so much and can now step back and view your experiences objectively, realizing that you are constantly evolving. YOU have new insight into yourself and the world around you.

YOU recognize that the choices you have made are yours, you alone are responsible and you cannot blame your behavior on another. What you experience in your life is a reflection of what is within you. Know that your words can uplift or depress, that goes for the words that that you think of yourself as well! Be positive in your thoughts, words and deeds … always.

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June 9th, Trust

Today’s card asks you to trust that everything is exactly as it needs to be. When we add fear to any situation it creates more drama and negativity which comes back to bite us!
As you travel on your relationship Journey, trust that you are currently heading in the right direction! The more faith and Trust you put into it uplifts your energy which attracts positive experiences and people, one of which can be your romantic partner!
Know that your present situation is bringing you blessings and personal growth. #saturday

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