Small Blessings & Joy

September 28th, Gifts & Joy Guides

Overall we really are Blessed. Every day. The thing of it is, we don’t see our Blessings because we’re looking for a massive miracle and the little Blessings go unnoticed. 

Find Joy in small things. Count even the smallest Blessings and give thanks for those as well as the big ones. 

Listen to your thoughts and pay attention to what you’re asking for as they usually are answered. It may not be in the manner we thought! For instance, while at work one day I thought “I sure could use a hug.” A while later a man came in with his granddaughter and she really took a liking to me! And, I got a great big hug from little Miss Ana! Small Blessings! 

Think of all the good that happened in your life before you sleep at night. You may be surprised at you list of joy! 

Expect good things to come and when they do, give thanks!

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