Peace & Harmony

September 24th,  6 of Swords

If you’ve been through a difficult time, this card is a beautiful sight to see! Just as the woman in the boat is taking a Journey, you too may be moving away from past troubles. Literally,  moving out of stormy waters into calmer ones! Putting your troubles behind you, beginning a new phase in your life, matters will improve and harmony will once more be restored.  

You’ve stabilized yourself and are enjoying a new peace of mind today. Emotions are calming, fear is subsiding! New people you can trust come into your life. 

Now remember our experiences travel with us! You’ve learned a lesson and can take that with you in your ‘how to deal with life’ took-kit! 

This card can also represent a Journey over water. (I also include snow in this description living in the Southern mountains of Colorado!)



Tricia of β¬… Where will your Journey take you?πŸ‘£


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Walking Away

September 18th:  8 of Cups

Walking away  … this is a decision we must all make at different stages in our life.

Perhaps a job, relationship, or an idea didn’t turn out as you’d hoped it would.

Perhaps you feel abandoned?

The decision to leave it all behind and pursue a new path is a personal one. 

Pay attention to your gut instincts and your intuition.  If you feel it is best to start fresh then by all means, do so!

The figure in this card is releasing themselves from the emotional investment and pursuing a new path. 

Time for a new beginning!

Tricia of β¬…Where will your Journey take you? πŸ‘£
Email readings start at $20USD, go to my website for more information.  I look forward to working with you! ❀
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