The High Priestess

November 6th, The High Priestess

Use your intuition & trust your instincts today. Do not let your emotions rule you, be open to growth & give yourself a chance to gain real insight & understanding by going within your Spiritual self. If you’re unable to do this seek out someone who can for you. (Tarot card readers, psychics, Mystics) There is more depth to some matter than you’ve seen so far, mysteries and secrets abound. This card can also indicate a message of potential that has not been explored OR perhaps unfulfilled. Whatever the situation is … look at it again, you may have missed something. #GildedTarotDeck #tuesday

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Listen to Your Intuition!

September 12th: The High Priestess 

Time to listen to your Intuition! 

There is more depth to some matter than you know about,  a mystery, a secret is being held. This may become known to you and will probably be to your benefit. Best thing to do here is follow your instincts and listen to your intuition! 

This is also about potential that is unexplored.  Taking two of something and integrating them to become one. It can be two opposites, the duality of opposing forces. Wisdom is required in order to proceed, look to your Spirit for guidance as the knowledge may reside in your subconscious.  

Listen deeply to your inner voice and spiritual awareness.

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The High Priestess



Here we see a woman sitting upon her throne. She is mystical, wise, compelling, elegant and intuitive. With her cat by her side she holds in her hands a scroll and blooming sage, both signifying wisdom. We see the sky above her while the moon and starts are at her feet showing her centered and neutral.

As a Priestess we see the reintroduction of the female principle into religion and cosmology, thus stepping away from The Magician. When thinking of a Priest we generally think man, not woman. Men have been the dominant role in religion for ages depicting such qualities of being beyond reach, seen as unapproachable, callous, emphasizing sin, punishment and judgement. Men are also seen as active, strict, rugged and of a logical mind.

As a woman the High Priestess shows qualities of love and mercy. In addition she represents a deeper and subtle aspect of females, the mysteries and secrets that we have are kept hidden. To men women may seem mysterious, passive and non-action oriented.

People have a tendency to link passivity with a negative view, such as inferiority and weakness. Yet when we are passive and not in constant action we give ourselves the opportunity to ‘go within’ and connect with our own self on a deeper spiritual and intuitive level. It is this withdrawal from the outside world and all that we are involved in on a daily basis that allows our inner voice to come to the surface so we may hear that still small voice emerge. Many people stay busy so as not to hear this inner voice. However, this passivity can bring to the surface hidden wisdom from within ourselves, our heart, and our soul.

This is the message of the High Priestess, to go within yourself. You have secrets and potential that wish to become known.


Today in our society we seem to be in a constant rush with very little time, if any to connect to our own self on a truly spiritual level. Sure, lots of people go to Church on a weekly basis, but how often do you find yourself in the middle of service thinking, “Oh I wish this would hurry up, I have things to do!”  The High Priestess symbolizes taking time to connect within, of learning on a different level.

There is a mystery of life, of which we can obtain knowledge when we take the time to be still. Yet, it is at these times when we are still that our fears come to the surface, when these do so we are given the opportunity to face them which gives to us a new sense of wisdom and beauty. This passive withdrawal and contemplation gives to us time to allow that which we have shut down and hidden in the dark recesses of our mind to awaken. These mysteries and secrets of self and sometimes other matters are the message of the High Priestess.

Trust your intuition and instincts, you have potential that you have not yet explored or perhaps has yet to be fulfilled. Gain your balance, become neutral so upon looking again at your situation you may see something that you missed previously. Once you have your realization, then take action or the potential will not be realized. Pay attention to your dreams, they too may be trying to tell you something!

In a man’s love/relationship reading this can represent a woman that he is very attracted to. She can be of a Spiritual nature, intuitive, creative, sexy, feminine, intoxicating … but you might not be able to have her!?

Look at Spiritual matters in a different way, talk to people who have beliefs different than your own. Get out of your comfort zone, you may learn something new about yourself in the process.

Every intelligent individual wants to know what makes him tick, and yet is at once fascinated and frustrated by the fact that oneself is the most difficult of all things to know. – Alan Watts

Blessings to you on your Journey,