The Moon 

November 2nd,  The Moon

Your emotions may be all over the place today. Your dreams may be vivid, intuition and instincts are at a peak. 

The Moon casts shadows and things may not appear to be truly as they seem. So don’t jump to conclusions!  Give things time to simmer a bit as there may be far more to a situation than you initially thought. 

Full Moon on Friday! A bit of Moon Madness today won’t hurt, hang in there! 

Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you? 
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The Moon:  Card of the Day

September 1st: The Moon

Get in touch with your intuition today!  

If you have some wild or crazy dreams write these down too, later they may make perfect sense to you. Pay attention to your feelings, dreams, instincts as all these may be emotionally charged and the reality of some situations may not be fully visible yet. They are in the shadows and need time to process before coming to light. 

Don’t jump to conclusions, give things a bit of time before you make any permanent decisions today.

Tune in to your own vibrations but other people’s as well which will help guide you!

Tricia of 👈  Where will your Journey take you? 👣
Email readings start at $20USD, go to my Website for more information. Link can be found in my Bio above. I look forward to working with you!  🕊
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