No B.S. today!

October 19th,  King of Swords

Today is the day to separate your feelings from the facts of the matter. Use that Sword you have to cut through the bullshit today!

Today you are in command and can be trusted to be fair in your judgement and decisions. 

Think deeply just as this King does. Be eloquent in your speech and think quick as certain situations may call upon your mental and communication skills to achieve the results you desire!

Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you?🌎
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August 23rd: Memories 

Take time today to reminisce of old Happy Memories! 

Remembering the good times can bring back those joyful feelings and help you focus upon love instead of pain. 

Our mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. Put it in positive gear and focus only upon the happy memories. If you try to remember and keep getting negative flashbacks,  it may be time to chat with a counselor or some other trusted individual to assist you in moving past the pain.❤

If you’ve recently lost someone, remember those good times together. Look at photo albums and be grateful for the time you had together!

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Tricia of 🏁 Where will your Journey take you?  👣
Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information.  Link can be found in my Bio.  I look forward to working with you.  😄❤
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Say “NO!”

August 19th: Say ‘No!’ 

If you are feeling a bit unbalanced today stop and take a moment to see what behaviors and circumstances are going on that are not in your best interest.  Something is keeping you from loving yourself and honoring your Spirit! Be aware of these toxic conditions and SAY NO to them!

At times our desires to indulge the body, emotions or mind are very ego based. This is exposing us to people and things that are of a lower consciousness and of unloving energies.  You know and feel in your heart that these influences around you are harmful. Stop and think about what behaviour, associations or thoughts in your mind are bringing you down.☠  

What area are you moving against the flow of your spirit?  In what way are you ignoring the guidance of your higher self?  What choices, situations, behaviours, or people are being toxic to you?

We have free will and get to make the choices in our life! Feel free to make them! Remember though that you have to live with the outcome!

What circumstances are you facing right now that you can recognize your choices have brought you to where you are? What can you do now to correct this? Say no to the negative and toxic ones? You bet! 

Love and value yourself and your spirit so much that you can SAY NO to what doesn’t serve you. Once you say no to these the Divine will open up to you a whole new path.

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Tricia of 🚩 Where will your Journey take you?  👣
Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information.  Link can be found in my Bio above.🔝 I look forward to working with you! 
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