Calm After the Storm

November 3rd, 6 of Swords

A lot of Swords cards this week, your mind has been super busy with a lot of nonsense! Today, you’re chillin’ out. You’re moving out of Stormy Waters into calmer ones. Your emotions are calming, your fear is subsiding. If you have experienced difficult times, things will improve and harmony will once more be restored. You’ll need to leave behind any bitterness or regrets to do so. The Past is the Past, remember & learn but move on.

The Swords in the boat indicate our experiences, our life lessons … these are part of us & they always travel with us. Think of these as Tools in your toolbox of life: you’ve had this experience and now you know how to handle it should it happen again. This card may also indicate beneficial travels usually within 6 months, a vacation, relocation or house move that will bring you happiness OR a disruptive neighbor or spiteful colleague will soon move unexpectedly out of your life. #GildedTarotDeck #saturday

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Power of Positivity

September 21st, 9 of Swords

Our mind can be our best friend or worst enemy! Today you may be giving power to fear and it’s eating you up! If you’re experiencing anxiety, nightmares, tension, regrets over past mistakes … STOP!! Let It Go!! You’re making mountains out of mole hills.

Best Advice: If you find yourself giving into negativity turn that around, and affirm the positive. If you feel that something will never work out for you, or…I won’t get that job, or I’m not smart enough or … I’ll never get married … turn that around by affirming: everything always works out in my favor, I know the right job is in my future! I am brilliant! The love of my life is on their way to me!
There is power in your words, be positive when you speak, even the words in your mind. What you think you become, which then sets forth your future. What do you want yours to be?

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Caught! Like a Thief!

October 31st,  7 of Swords

Sometimes, like a thief in the night  … things don’t go as we hoped and we are caught! 

Your plans need a bit of revision,  focus on what it is you are trying to achieve.  Without focus you are stuck and can’t achieve your destination.  

Are you being honest about your desires? Are you operating for the greater good? Or, just for your benefit?  🤔🤔  

Be mindful of your actions and any situations you are involved in as you have the upper hand but you still need to be cautious!

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Self Enslavement 

October 20th, The Devil

You may feel that a situation is dragging you down and you’re helpless to change it. This may be  a form of enslavement: to an ideal, a manipulative relationship, overspending, material things, mind games with yourself or overindulgence in anything that isn’t good for you. Remember this  is self-enslavement. Look at your situation and release yourself from the chains that bind you. 

This card can also show you are keeping secrets, or others have some secret plans you don’t know about.

Sometimes the Devil shows up when we really need a bit of fun in our life. We need to release the chains that bind us to move forward. Stop working so much, get out and have a bit of fun! 

This can show a healthy or improving sex life, strong impulsive urges, a lust for life, a passionate or compelling relationship with a strong physical attraction. 

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