Help for Relationships

July 15th, Daniel

The angel Daniel is at your side today if you have requested help in the area of marriage and relationships.
In order to move forward in our relationships, we must heal our past wounds. This pain can be from our relationships, or even what we experienced from our parent’s marriage/ relationships.
In addition we must also cut the energetic cords that bind us from previous relationships so that we can go forward and obtain our new beginning.💘(I did this recently and I feel SO much better!)
By releasing the past it helps us to avoid duplicating old painful experiences with a new partner. Free your heart today so that you can fully love once again.💞

Tricia of

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Break Time!

June 8th, Separation

Absence makes the heart grow fonder! If you’re around each other all … the … time …. this card asks you to take a break!
What hobbies, business, family or friends have you been neglecting?
If you are already single this indicates that you are in the preparation stage is for your next relationship. Get some things done and wrapped up now because when that relationship comes to you you’ll have more quality time to spend together.
This card can also mean a marital Separation or divorce. Ask for guidance and healing during these Transitions to make your relationship Journey smoother.

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The One!

June 7th, This Could Be the One

Hey all you single people! This card is a sign that you’ve already met the person you romantically seek! You may already be in a relationship with he or she!! However, you may have overlooked somebody who’s meant for you because you have a different idea of what they should “look like” and you’re not recognizing the potential of this person or relationship. 😦😭🤔
For others, you may have met but you haven’t quite… connected… just…. yet. Look to your dreams for validation, ask before you fall sleep to obtain clear information about who this romantic partner should be! Although you may not remember your dreams upon waking, you may have a clear sense of the partnership and who it is! Trust that you are being guided to the one you desire! #faith

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Weekly Reading, March 19th

Card of the Week: 10 of Cups

Look forward to a fantastic week! All is well in your world! Emotions of joy, happiness and emotional love abound this week. Romantics, this is the card you’ve been waiting for – the perfect realization of emotional love!
When this card shows up in a reading it represents happiness in one’s home life together with the promise of lasting success in a relationship and symbolizes a committed and contented love with permanents remember if there’s a bump in the road this week that is just it … a bump, and not a mountain!

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January 18th, Engagement

Good News today for you single people! This card is validation of pending nuptials beginning with a romantic engagement! So, if you’ve been wondering: Is this ever going to happen?! Release any worries about whether you’ll get married, you will! A deep romantic love is on its way to you!
Also, be engaged, with yourself! Commit to loving yourself on a daily basis! This means: establish boundaries about what you will and won’t accept in any of your relationships = career, home, friendships, family, lifestyle. Stand up for yourself and let others know how you feel about their behavior. (No doormats please!)
As you commit to yourself, more opportunities for experience of love and commitment will come to you, preparing you for the Partnership of Marriage. Congrats! #thursday

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Inner Growth = Outer Harmony

October 10th, Temperance

Work on finding Balance today. This is the card of Balance, Harmony, Patience, Moderation,  Cooperation, and balanced Emotions.
Many times we fight and resist things because we don’t want to accept change. Especially after the last two days of the Wheel of Fortune, some serious change may have occured. Now we have to work on blending this all together. The acceptance of what can’t be changed and letting old resentments go.
This is a card of healing. When we successfully integrate opposites we come up with something brand new. When we let go of negativity, a toxic relationship for example, we gain inner peace. Don’t try to hurry matters along, things take time!  Be patient with yourself and others today, everyone is fighting their own battle.
Inner growth = Outer Harmony

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Celebrate & Be Joyful!

September 26th, Celebration/Joy Guides

Good things should be happening today! A time of abundance, great expansion, celebration, and hospitality are here. 

This is a time when life gives back to you. All those seeds you have planted and nurtured are ready to be harvested and you have a reason to celebrate! 

An engagement, marriage, promotion, a great business deal, or something you’ve been waiting for to finally come through. Be ready as it is on its way! 

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Feel Good! 4 of Wands

September 10th: 4 of Wands

A day to feel good!

You’ve put in some sweat and tears and now you can see how all this work is finally paying off for you!

A sense of satisfaction and harmony surrounds you and what you’ve worked so hard to make manifest.

Now you can afford to reward yourself with some time off! Holidays,  vacation, some rest and relaxation with your family or those that you love bring a welcome pause to recharge your batteries! 

Enjoy the pleasures and prosperity that you’ve created in your life.  

Tricia of 👈 Where will your Journey take you? 
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The Lovers


In the Rider Waite depiction (middle card above) we see a mature man and a single woman presided over by an angel. In earlier versions of card #6 the title was ‘The Choice’ with the divination meaning of an important choice between two desires. We still see this card referring to choices in life which can be major or minor.

Our life is once ongoing choice. These options appear at a young age. In adolescence we first begin challenging the authority of our parents and their expectations of us.

Reviewing the previous cards of the Major Arcana, The Empress #3, The Emperor #4 and The Hierophant #5 we see the individual shaped by nature, society and our parents. Now we can see how the Lovers expresses our sexuality (and awakening hormones) that emerge with adolescence giving way to moral independence. As we mature it is time to make our own decisions, take hold of responsibilities and realize our desires moving forward on our life path.

Our adolescent years are the beginning of our forming relationships with others, which opens the way to what has been called ‘puppy love’. In addition we begin to establish relationships with our friends, mentors, and teachers. As we get older and more socially experienced we learn the give and take of relationships, the choices we face where we are given the glimpse of a new unity with others as well as a new relationship with our self. When becoming open to someone else we are given the option, the choice of surrendering our ego and seeing something greater than ourselves, thus represented by the Angel in the Rider Waite depiction.

Divinatory Meanings:  The Lovers card indicates love and relationships which are so very important to us in all stages of our life. We have our parental relationship, family, friends, teachers, spirit, and as we get older our coworkers, bosses, mentors, love interests, spouse, children and so on.

A particular relationship has or will become very important, you may even obtain a new life lesson via this relationship. This can also indicate help from your lover or emotional support in or from a relationship.

In the past it can represent nostalgia for an old lover, the present: your current love interest & the present choices you face in the relationship; the future: a new love on the horizon or making a commitment in a present relationship such as marriage, engagement or other relationship tie such as career or business. All of these instances involve choice. So follow your heart and keep in mind the higher good. Perhaps the Angel is a matchmaker bringing two lovers, or two people together and the Angel watching over the couple.

Some Keywords of this card:  Love, desire, destiny, romance, attraction, romantic bliss, emotions, harmony, the perfect union expressed through love, growth, duality, opposites, partners. Challenges overcome so that two lovers can be together. Choices in our relationships past, present and future.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~Oscar Wilde


Blessings on your journey!