Exhaustion/Divine Helpers: Card of the Day 

July 16th: Exhaustion/Divine Helpers

The choices we make today will change our tomorrow, our goals will be realized or, not. 

Goals, they’re great to have and even better when we accomplish them! It is very important to strive for your goals each and every day, to do everything in your power to fulfill them!

And, you need to know when to back off and allow the Divine Universe to do work on your behalf too! Allow your guides to step forward and do a bit of work while you rest up today!

Sunlight makes plants grow, too much sunlight will allso burn them up, unless you’re a Cactus..dont be a cactus & get all prickly! 🌵😲😟

Overdoing is fear in disguise, take a break today, let the Divine work some miracles on your behalf behind the scenes so you can rest up today!


Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.com ✔

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