Leap or Look?

July 20th, Desirée

Sometimes it seems very romantic to jump in to something without looking! However, your happiness is most important so of you go ahead and leap without looking, it will not bring you the happiness you desire. 😕

Of course you have options! You can go ahead and leap without looking, know that your guides will be with you. They will come to your rescue and be there to help.

The other option of course is waiting – it will give you a different point of view and from this different perspective you obtain more information about the situation. You may realize that this situation isn’t right, and something better may come along. Why settle?

Personal Note: whether you listen to your guides or not, you grow and learn – this is what develops your intuition.

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Look Around!

September 17th: 5 of Cups 

If you’re feeling a little sad today, stop and look around at the Good in your life!

So many time we are focused on the “Don’ts” = I don’t have a bigger house, I don’t have a nice car, I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever it is you Don’t have and its wreaking havoc with your emotions. 

So, stop and look at what you DO have! 

You have a house or apartment or a roof over your head, you have a car or even a bicycle, or your two feet that get you around! You may not have a boyfriend or girlfriend but hey, that doesn’t mean you never will! 

The 5 of Cups is about emotional sadness and looking to see what GOOD is still left in the situation. The Man is crying and in anguish but isnt looking at the 2 Cups still upright behind him. What gifts are waiting there that he is neglecting?

So take a look around and be grateful for that which you DO Have! 

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