Break Time!

July 24th, Take a Breather/Detachment

You work, and you work to reach your goals, and although it may feel as life will fall apart if you take a break, that’s not true! This is your EGO speaking to you. To continue the progress on your path, you must release past situations and hurts.

By Taking a Breather and Detaching, you are given the chance to remove uncertainty, doubt and regret! With these negative emotions gone you gain the power to replace them with hope, belief, and contentment, and reconnect with your Spirit. Once you regain your balance you can realign with the higher vibration.

Know there’s always more than enough time to do what’s important. Right now you need to relax. The universe is trying to test you, and bring you to, or force you, to balance yourself out.

Today take a breather and detach. You don’t have to work overtime.


Tricia of βœ”

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You’re in Control!

April 21st, The Chariot

A reminder that you are in charge of your life, you and only you! The Chariot shows up when there is a need to control competing forces such as our inner conflicts, people, or a situation in your life.
Sometimes the solution to the problem at hand is to take the Middle Road between the two conflicting elements. You may feel unequal to the challenge but if you remember you are the one steering your life, you will succeed & Find balance.
You have the means to triumph over all obstacles today and stay the course you have set for yourself. Sometimes the conflict is just within your own mind, once you have resolved this you’ll be able to move forward! Stick with clear thinking today and a sense of purpose to achieve your goals today.
Lastly The Chariot relates to travel and transportation: are you buying a new car or taking a trip? Tell me about it!πŸš—πŸš˜β€΅

Tricia of Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at $20USD, visit my website for more information. Link can be found above in my Bio πŸ” I look forward to working with you!

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Self Care!

August 26th: Self Care

Be good to yourself today!

Far too often we run ourselves into a tired, sickly mess because we are on the go so much.  We’re all about chasing that paper, but what about chasing your Spirit, your health, your Soul? All this gives us our foundation in which to build upon … everything! 

I’ve worked with the public for all of my career and have seen people who don’t eat right, or at all, drink little to no water, not enough sleep or exercise, and are so stressed because they are working far too much or are so unbalanced because of other situations in their life they are a sickly, stressed out mess of physical, emotional and mental problems.

So today, try to get back to the basics. Eat well, sleep enough and drink some water. Let go of stress. Trust me, all that stuff you have to do will either still be there, someone else will do it or, just Let It Go! 

Get in touch with your Spirit.  Pray, meditate, get outside in nature or do whatever it is you do to connect to your soul.

Laugh, play a game, go for a walk. 

Take a mini Vacation, or even a drive to the country. Get your hair done,  nails, a proper shave, a pedicure, a massage. (The massage really sounds good after a 13 hour drive!)

Love yourself up today in a healthy way!

(For myself,  I’m on a very basic Road Trip Vacation to the Black Hills  enjoying our tentπŸ•πŸ• and the sights for a few days. The Ravens are currently singing outside as I’m posting this πŸ•Š)

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Tricia of πŸ Where will your Journey take you?  πŸ‘£
Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information. Link can be found in my Bio above πŸ” I look forward to working with you! πŸ˜„
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Balance: 2 of Coins

August 10th: 2 of Coins

All we need is patience!

Perhaps you’ve started a new Journey concerning your financial or business outlook, and now you’re in the process of keeping it all going. The work all day party all night isn’t your outlook anymore and has changed to work 80 hours every week and still you are behind. πŸ˜²πŸ€‘πŸ˜£  

It very well could be you need a break! It’s great to keep your projects going but the balance needs to be there. Keep juggling everything and give proper time to work AND family,  friends, financial matters and most importantly, yourself!  

So long as you take control and stay balanced everything will progress smoothly and flow in harmony. 

Look for a partnership that can assist you on your Journey.  Juggle finances to make ends meet knowing that better times are ahead!  Keep going and maintain your balance! 

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Tricia of β€ Where will your Journey take you? πŸ‘£
Email readings start at  $20USD,  go to my Website for more information. Link can be found in my Bio above. πŸ” I look forward to working with you! 

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