Break Time!

July 24th, Take a Breather/Detachment

You work, and you work to reach your goals, and although it may feel as life will fall apart if you take a break, that’s not true! This is your EGO speaking to you. To continue the progress on your path, you must release past situations and hurts.

By Taking a Breather and Detaching, you are given the chance to remove uncertainty, doubt and regret! With these negative emotions gone you gain the power to replace them with hope, belief, and contentment, and reconnect with your Spirit. Once you regain your balance you can realign with the higher vibration.

Know there’s always more than enough time to do what’s important. Right now you need to relax. The universe is trying to test you, and bring you to, or force you, to balance yourself out.

Today take a breather and detach. You don’t have to work overtime.


Tricia of

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December 13th,  Detachment

Are you the same person as you were yesterday?  What about 1 year, 3, 5 or 10 years ago? We grow, we change, we evolve.
When you grow and mature enough to release past hurts you give yourself the gift of progress, freedom and liberation.
When you detach you take away uncertainty, doubt and regret. You open a space for hope, belief, faith, contentment and love to rush in and take its place!

Tricia of ⬅  Where will your Journey take you?

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The Star: Card of the Day 

July 17th: The Star

Have Faith today! Be optimistic! Know that better times are ahead for you! 

This card is always a welcome sight in any situation! 

If you’ve been ill, expect healing! If you’ve experienced relationship problems, those should be healed. A new relationship aspected with this card would show harmony and a good future! Leave the past behind, let go of that which no longer serves you and know you can find love again, better things are destined for you!

Find and live your TRUTH!

Tricia of  👈  Where will your Journey take you?
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