You’re Being Watched!

May 25th, Deceit/Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angels are watching over you! Things may not be what they seem so, be more aware of what you’re feeling as those gut instincts and intuition are trying to protect you against the deception and manipulation of others.😕
Sometimes it’s a deliberate attempt to injure but more often it’s an act of self protection at your expense. This could show up as your co-worker’s failure to inform you that the project deadline has changed, or a family member withholding information about another, or even your own neglect to tell your partner that you didn’t do something that you were supposed to. 🤔
Typically deceit or manipulations are just the result of thoughtlessness or fear.
Really trust your Vibes today when it comes to your suspicions of others and pay attention to what your doing yourself.
Know that your guardian angels are watching over you!

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