A New Perspective

June 12th, 5 of Swords

Time to gain a new perspective and make a change! If you’re being manipulated by others, take your personal power back today!
If you’re the one doing the manipulating, stop that! Don’t go looking for trouble it’ll find you! You need to accept your fair share of the blame for the current mess, mind your business and don’t go poking around in things that are not of your concern. Play nice, be fair! Remember things can come back to bite you in the a**!
Be sure to watch out for sneaky dealings or “friends” who are stabbing you in the back. 😰
Best advice: own your personal power, tread lightly, keep your eyes open & mouth shut. Selfish victories are not worth your time today!

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Take the Blinders Off!

May 31st, Denial/Divine Helpers

Ignorance is not Bliss! It’s time to take the blinders off about certain situations in your most intimate relationships. Know this: what your mind blots out your heart knows, and so does everyone else! When you’re in denial you’re only kidding yourself.
Remember to also pick your battles – sometimes it’s best to compromise or let things be while other times you have to really get down to the bottom of the BS and do something about it.
Take the blinders off today be open to the truth about yourself and others so you can grow past problems.

Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.com✔ Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at $20USD, Phone readings start at $35USD, visit my website for more information. Link above✔🔝

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January 29th, 5 of Swords

The double-edged nature of the Sword … defeat, betrayal, loss or learning boundaries that we all must learn to live with.
It’s all a matter of perception.
Change is a matter of perception, and the 5’s are all about Change.
The more you resist, the more difficult you make things for yourself.
What changes are happening to you that you’re resisting? Or, what do you know needs to be changed, but you’re in procrastination mode?
Get to work! Be the Change YOU Wish to See in the World!

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December 13th,  Detachment

Are you the same person as you were yesterday?  What about 1 year, 3, 5 or 10 years ago? We grow, we change, we evolve.
When you grow and mature enough to release past hurts you give yourself the gift of progress, freedom and liberation.
When you detach you take away uncertainty, doubt and regret. You open a space for hope, belief, faith, contentment and love to rush in and take its place!

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Don’t Give Up!

October 21st,   9 of Wands

The road has been long, you may feel as though all your energy has been spent. You’re crawling,  creeping along, your strength has diminished. You just can’t keep going … on. 😢You’re holding onto your wand just to keep yourself upright. 

Okay.  Cut the Crap! 🤤🤔

Life gets hard. Yeah, sometimes it damn well sucks. And especially right before you complete something it seems like you may very well be Done.

But…That’s just IT! You are so close to the finish line! Success is so much closer than you think! 

You have the inner strength required to make it! Don’t let this break you! This is Not The Time To Stop! GATHER all your strength, all your reserves and go for the finish line! 

Courage and determination = your triumphant moment awaits!

Go kick A** today my peeps!

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Inner Growth = Outer Harmony

October 10th, Temperance

Work on finding Balance today. This is the card of Balance, Harmony, Patience, Moderation,  Cooperation, and balanced Emotions.
Many times we fight and resist things because we don’t want to accept change. Especially after the last two days of the Wheel of Fortune, some serious change may have occured. Now we have to work on blending this all together. The acceptance of what can’t be changed and letting old resentments go.
This is a card of healing. When we successfully integrate opposites we come up with something brand new. When we let go of negativity, a toxic relationship for example, we gain inner peace. Don’t try to hurry matters along, things take time!  Be patient with yourself and others today, everyone is fighting their own battle.
Inner growth = Outer Harmony

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The Lovers


In the Rider Waite depiction (middle card above) we see a mature man and a single woman presided over by an angel. In earlier versions of card #6 the title was ‘The Choice’ with the divination meaning of an important choice between two desires. We still see this card referring to choices in life which can be major or minor.

Our life is once ongoing choice. These options appear at a young age. In adolescence we first begin challenging the authority of our parents and their expectations of us.

Reviewing the previous cards of the Major Arcana, The Empress #3, The Emperor #4 and The Hierophant #5 we see the individual shaped by nature, society and our parents. Now we can see how the Lovers expresses our sexuality (and awakening hormones) that emerge with adolescence giving way to moral independence. As we mature it is time to make our own decisions, take hold of responsibilities and realize our desires moving forward on our life path.

Our adolescent years are the beginning of our forming relationships with others, which opens the way to what has been called ‘puppy love’. In addition we begin to establish relationships with our friends, mentors, and teachers. As we get older and more socially experienced we learn the give and take of relationships, the choices we face where we are given the glimpse of a new unity with others as well as a new relationship with our self. When becoming open to someone else we are given the option, the choice of surrendering our ego and seeing something greater than ourselves, thus represented by the Angel in the Rider Waite depiction.

Divinatory Meanings:  The Lovers card indicates love and relationships which are so very important to us in all stages of our life. We have our parental relationship, family, friends, teachers, spirit, and as we get older our coworkers, bosses, mentors, love interests, spouse, children and so on.

A particular relationship has or will become very important, you may even obtain a new life lesson via this relationship. This can also indicate help from your lover or emotional support in or from a relationship.

In the past it can represent nostalgia for an old lover, the present: your current love interest & the present choices you face in the relationship; the future: a new love on the horizon or making a commitment in a present relationship such as marriage, engagement or other relationship tie such as career or business. All of these instances involve choice. So follow your heart and keep in mind the higher good. Perhaps the Angel is a matchmaker bringing two lovers, or two people together and the Angel watching over the couple.

Some Keywords of this card:  Love, desire, destiny, romance, attraction, romantic bliss, emotions, harmony, the perfect union expressed through love, growth, duality, opposites, partners. Challenges overcome so that two lovers can be together. Choices in our relationships past, present and future.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~Oscar Wilde


Blessings on your journey!


The Empress


Here we see a woman sitting on her throne, who is clearly pregnant indicating her fertility. Where the High Priestess indicated the mysterious and intuitive side of the feminine The Empress represents motherhood, love, and gentleness. She is the Mother Goddess full of emotion, passion and sensuality as well as sexuality.

She wears the stars as a halo representing the Zodiac, the 9 pearls around her neck are the 9 planets, and she is literally surrounded by the creation of the universe. The river behind her a life force, for we all need water to have life and for nature to continue on. It also symbolizes consistent change but stability as well. The river is always a river although the water contained within is different. The heart shaped shield next to her throne has the symbol of Venus, the Roman version of the Great Goddess.

In a reading The Empress represents growth, prosperity and fertility. Happy conclusions to matters and if you’ve been working hard and long at something, good rewards for all your efforts. Situations should come to fruition soon.

In addition The Empress is a card of passion but that of nurturing a pregnancy, birth, motherhood or creative work projects. Think of that project as your baby? You’re pregnant with new creative ideas and with The Empress in a reading, this project has a very good chance of being born!

Protect the children and loved ones in your life, nurture these relationship so they will continue to flourish. Get in touch with your feminine power, your sensual side. Connect with nature and find joy in creation and the rewards of potential fulfilled!

Beauty is a precious trace that eternity causes to appear to us and that it takes away from us. A manifestation of eternity, and a sign of death as well. ~ Eugene Ionesco

Blessings on your Journey,