July 5th, Hobbies

This is such a fun card and it speaks about something I think we forget about often our Hobbies! What do you enjoy doing in your free time? When we go through a change in our life our Hobbies can provide a stress outlet and bring us back down to our foundation, to what grounds us! This is something that makes us who and what we are.

Hobbies allow us a way to relax, learn and enjoy ourself, also to connect with others of like mind.

Another beautiful thing about Hobbies is many people turn them into careers, perhaps you have a hobby and this is what you need to do with it?!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your hobbies? Tell me in the comments below!

Remember your hobby can be a wonderful way to make new friends and perhaps find your soulmate too! You can make a hobby work with any budget and schedule, you just have to have the desire to do so.


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June 20th, Playfulness

Be a little more playful in your relationships today! If you’re finding yourself in the same old routine, spice it up! Go for a walk on the beach, barefoot in the park, make love at midnight under the stars!
If you’re single, flirt, smile, tease a little bit. Get out of your old routine, go somewhere different. You may find who you’re looking for!
Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.com
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Oh, for the Love of Money!

November 20th, Finances & Career

Oh for the Love of Money!

Money and love are usually linked and because of this link we have issues. We have to work to support ourselves, however when we work too much other facets of our life suffer, especially our romantic life and our relationships. Certainly our work brings us joy and satisfaction but it must be balanced with other facets of our life such as playfulness and laughter. 😁😋🤡🤠
Right now you’re working too darn much and you not having enough fun!
Take a break, have some fun, play a little bit, connect with your friends, your lover, partner or significant other. Trust me, the money will still be there, take a playful break for an hour or two!

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Have Fun! 

August 17th: Have Fun

Keep your Spirit shining bright!

World Events have been dark, negative and ego based latley. Very draining! So, how do we stay balanced in the midst of all the drama? 

Intentionally surround yourself with things that delight the Spirit in every way. What would this be you ask?

What makes you happy?  Feed this!  

What sounds do you enjoy, what music puts a spring in your step?  What food, colors, textures do you connect with? How about your friends? Who can you have fun with and who helps you connect with your inner child?

Step away from the drudgery, duties and mindless tasks today, even if it is only an hour. 

Get in touch with your inner child today, remember the simple innocence and take a break from the conventional routine today!

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Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.com ↩ Where will your Journey take you?  👣
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