October 28th, Freedom

You have a choice in everything that you do. Let go of the victim mentality & stop complaining that others control you. Rise up on your own two feet, take responsibility for yourself, your life, and your happiness. You are where you are because you have put yourself there. Once you accept this and know that you are creating your present and future circumstances, you will feel relief & understand your own freedom.

Blame is a waste of time – you’re focusing upon the past. Empower yourself to Envision your today & tomorrow. Stop asking or waiting for someone else’s permission to change your destiny! Do it yourself now!

Know that a meaningful life and career are ahead of you. If you take that first step!


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Decorative Freedom

July 25th, Decorate/Freedom

We, and our Spirit always feel better when we are in a beautiful surrounding! If your environment is dreary, dark, messy, cluttered or unclean, your Spirit & you are probably quite uncomfortable. What makes you happy in your surroundings? How do you like your house to be decorated? Have you made your space how you desire? Don’t weigh yourself down with other people’s opinions or expectations. Make yourself happy, you live there!

Embrace your own freedom to be YOU in how you decorate your home space but also how you dress yourself. Let your Spirit shine, make your space cheerful and festive, fill it with color, plants, flowers and bright light. Be happy to welcome your spirit home!


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Life Experience 

September 4th: Life Experience 

Time for Change! You know you see the writing on the wall and may have been procrastinating over it.

Or a serious wake-up call has occured and you know it’s time to make some changes in your life. 

Time to take action. 

This is a time of awakening & freedom. How you see yourself, the things and people around you has changed. This brings you to New Growth and also encourages you to spread your wings and fly . Use these new insights to fire up your motivation. Go ahead and walk down that New Path, travel the unchartered territory, embrace your true desires and listen to your intuition.

You can now see the truth in the matter and build anew for the future, this time with a solid foundation. So tear all that old s*** down and start fresh, don’t resist change because this is necessary – suddenly you have seen the truth in the matter at hand. 

Change is coming now, time is running out. Stop sticking your head in the sand! 

Tricia of 👍 Where will your Journey take you? 👣
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7 of Coins: Card of the Day

July 8th: 7 of Coins/Pentacles

You’ve been working hard and now it is time to take a step back and reassess your project. Are you still in alignment towards your goal? If not now is a good time to make adjustments so your methodical work will bring forth the success you desire. You’re almost there so make the necessary changes!

You should receive some good news concerning your financial position at this time, financial applications or sale negotiations should go well and be in your favor.

Plan for the future!

Tricia of ☚

Where will your Journey take you?
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