Ready to Go!

August 22nd, Knight of Swords

Oh you’re ready to go!! There’s a lot of energy with this Knight! It can be so swiftly moving that it may feel like chaos – events unfold at the speed of light which can cause confusion. However, this swift-moving energy can be a necessary requirement as it brings about better circumstances. Be ready to roll with the changes that come your way!

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Financial Flow

November 26th, Financial Flow

If you have been praying for an increased flow and visualizing greater wealth in your finances, get ready as your positive thoughts and desires are resulting in a rich stream of abundance coming your way!
This Good Fortune not only applies to money but also increased opportunities in your personal and professional life! Keep a positive mind & joyful heart as you experience your new abundance.
If you ever feel off track continue to affirm: I accept good wealth, health, love and positive opportunities into my life right here, right now! I deserve abundance in all areas of my life! And so it is!
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Keep Dancing: Card of the Day 

August 13th: Keep Dancing

Keep up your rhythm and flow along with life!

You’re in touch with your Spirit today and this makes a healing difference in your life. Keep focusing on what you are doing as you’re dancing with Life. 

As you continue to be in touch with your Spirit,  your success will grow, personal Joy will expand and abundance in all areas of your life will overflow so long as you keep on dancing and go with the flow.

Remember to stay focused and not listen to your Ego voice. To achieve this, keep your words to a minimum as it may shake your confidence and destroy your rhythm. 

What you have been doing thus far is working, so keep doing it! Listen to that still, small voice … your gut instincts and follow what your hear. Lastly, turn on some music and …dance! 

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Tricia of ↩ Where will your Journey take you?  👣

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