October 23rd, Justice

This Life Purpose card may resonate if you have always had a strong desire to protect others from anything unfair. You are a natural born leader & people look up to you for direction & guidance. A good career or spiritual balancing would involve law, political sciences or mediation.. anything that brings fairness and protection to others. Allow yourself to be guided to where you are most needed. #tuesday #LifePurposeReading

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The Odds Are In Your Favor!

April 13th, Justice

The odds are in your favor today!
Your vision is clear and you know that Divine Justice is not bound by human limitations, and Divine Law is not subject to error or bias.
If there is an actual legal matter that is pending or being considered it should fall in your favor! Also, seek guidance from your inner self you’ll find the answers there.
Today if you have to deliberate with someone be calm and careful before taking action.
If other people are involved consider their points of view, for issues of fairness are very important right now.
Remember to maintain balance in all of your affairs today!

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Justice: Card of the Day

September 6th: Justice

Time for Balance! 

Be rational, logical, use your intellect instead of the emotional self today when decisions to make come your way. A balanced decision that is fair and reasonable for everyone will come from a balanced mind. 

If other people are involved, consider their points of view as fairness is important. Don’t be swayed by personal contradictions or bias.

If you’ve been dealing with a legal situation this is a great card to get in a reading as it usually has a beneficial outcome. Situations should proceed smoothly, fairly and in a dispassionate manner. 

Whatever your situation,  create Balance!

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Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my website for more information.  Link can be found above in my Bio.  I look forward to working with you.  💓
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In the Rider-Waite deck we see a person sitting upon a stone bench, is this a man or a woman? It appears rather androgynous doesn’t it? In most of my other decks it is defiantly a woman. And sometimes she is blindfolded. Here in one hand a sword is held and the other a set of scales. One foot peeks out from beneath her robe while the other remains hidden. She sits between 2 stone pillars.

What does the symbolism mean?

The pillars represent duality and choices: light and dark, male and female, yin and yang.

We see the double edged sword raised towards the heavens which represents the air element and that of logic and reason. Every decision we make is double edged. It will not only have an effect on us but others as well. In addition after the decision is made it will come back around to us which we will see in the card of The Judgement later on in this Tarot Background series.


The scales held in her hand represent balance, while her fingers pointed down represent grounding; time to make a balanced, logical decision which will bring about a balance of past and future events.



Free will or destiny? – We are all thinking individuals which means we all have the opportunity of choice, we are free to do whatever we want. However our free will is governed by our past choices. If we do not understand ourselves, how can we expect to make a free choice? Only by seeing and accepting the past can we free ourselves from it.

When we see something in a Tarot reading that we don’t like, we have the opportunity to take action to correct it, to change the path we are on. However, we may have this foresight and be forewarned about an upcoming event, yet we must truly understand why it is coming and work on the causes within ourselves for the things we do and the ways we react.

We have to know how to use our free will or we will be constantly repeating our past behaviors. Our actions we have taken in the past have formed us and we our future selves are formed by the actions we take now in the present.

In a Tarot Reading:

Throughout our life we are presented choices, these create our future. Past decisions we’ve made are coming back to us now.  This card usually deals with reason and fairness, logical and not emotional decisions. The High Priestess is more of an emotional intuitive balance, here we need to buckle down and cast the emotions aside. You may have to make a major decision, one that will have a significant impact on your future so weigh your options and be balanced and fair in your dealings. You have good judgement at this time and you’re not swayed by personal considerations or bias. You should be able to see the truth of the matter, act in honesty and remember that the choices we make now will influence our future.

The Justice card also deals with legal matters or legal documents, so a prenuptial agreement, marriage license or certificate, divorce, parenting strategies, wills, trusts or anything to do with legal documents.

The Justice card usually indicates a legal ruling upon a matter falling in favor of the rightful side and usually has a beneficial outcome!

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte


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