Peace & Harmony

September 24th,  6 of Swords

If you’ve been through a difficult time, this card is a beautiful sight to see! Just as the woman in the boat is taking a Journey, you too may be moving away from past troubles. Literally,  moving out of stormy waters into calmer ones! Putting your troubles behind you, beginning a new phase in your life, matters will improve and harmony will once more be restored.  

You’ve stabilized yourself and are enjoying a new peace of mind today. Emotions are calming, fear is subsiding! New people you can trust come into your life. 

Now remember our experiences travel with us! You’ve learned a lesson and can take that with you in your ‘how to deal with life’ took-kit! 

This card can also represent a Journey over water. (I also include snow in this description living in the Southern mountains of Colorado!)



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