Step Away From the Crowd

August 16th: Step Away From the Crowd

Everybody’s talking and nobody’s making sense!

You can’t hear your own self think, let alone get connected to your Spirit! Take a bit of alone time for yourself today. ❀

Our Ego will tell us we don’t or shouldn’t take a break to connect to your Spirit. We don’t have time, it’s not necessary, or it can be gotten to later, or we need to take care of or cater to others before we take care of ourselves because everything will fall apart. 

This is the drama our Egos bring to us.

Go within, find your own voice and listen. Truly listen to your Spirit today, let go of and cancel out the other voices and opinions of others. 

The more time you spend with your Spirit,  the more time you’ll have for everything else. = Balance 

Tricia of β†© Where will your Journey take you?  πŸ‘£
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Give it to God

August 14th:  Give it to God

Rise above your fears and Trust!

This is difficult to do at times, mainly because we are so Ego driven instead of Spirit driven.

Instead of listening to our intuition and our Spirit we listen to the negative voice in our head that chews us up and spits us out over and over again. 

Today take a different approach,  listen to your Intuition,  feel your Spirit and know that the Divine really does have your back! 

Although things may be taking longer than you want them to, know that all good things come in all good time. 

Tricia of β†© Where will your Journey take you? πŸ‘£
Email readings start at  $20USD,  go to my Website for more information.  Link can be found above πŸ” I look forward to working with you!  β€
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Call Your Spirit Home: Card of the Day

July 20th: Call Your Spirit Home 

Ever have a RUSH of inspiration and feel on top of the world?! You’re ready to kick butt, take names and have no mercy! You are inspired! You are ready to … wait, what..? Me? 

I can’t do that! πŸ€” What am I thinking?! Better go back to the grind, its safe there and well ya know.. 

Hello there self-denial! Hello there boredom, insecurity and mediocre life! πŸ˜€πŸ˜£πŸ˜£

Now stop all this negative talk in your mind, it’s time to reel in your Spirit! Your Ego got a hold of you there😈

Create a space where you feel at peace, clean up your house, apartment or whatever living space you have so you may feel at peace. Clean up and clear out the old to make room for the New! 

Make your Space your own today! Take a breath after all your cleaning, light a candle, listen to the breeze, the birds, the rain … exhale, and call your Spirit home. Connect again so you feel balanced. Turn the negativity into positivity in your life by releasing the self-doubt. Connecting to your Spirit will help you achieve this. Remember, that negative speak starts in your mind, you have the power to change it up! 

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Tricia of πŸ‘ˆ  Where will your Journey take you?
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Celebrate You: Card of the DayΒ 

July 19th: Celebrate You

You’re bright eyed and bushy tailed! There is a sparkle in your eye and a fire in your belly! You are feeling Good! You’re a Joy and an inspiration to others, let all your pizzaz flow through and out of you today!

You’re feeling your connection to your inner Spirit and the outer Divine Spirit! Hold onto and focus upon this feeling as it will become easier and easier to goumd yourself in this space.

Acknowledge your efforts and achievements today! Really celebrate yourself and give back by being a bright light to others in the sea of darkness who have lost their way. 

Teach your Ego that you’re listening to your Spirit, once these two become partners … your Spirit & Ego, you’ll live a Charmed Life!

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Tricia of πŸ‘ˆ   Where will your Journey take you? 

Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information! Link is in my Bio ☝. I look forward to working with you! πŸ˜†β€

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