Be Patient / Cause & Effect

July 27th, Be Patient/Cause & Effect

Just as you cannot make a flower bloom before it is ready, that which you desire isn’t quite ready to bloom either. Today be patient & know that the Universe is working on your behalf to bring your desires to you. (But you want them right now! You’re tired of waiting! You’re not alone!!) For every action there’s an equal & opposite reaction = if you go too fast things may not be fully ready. You don’t frost the cake before it’s done baking, so you?๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿค”

The circumstances you’re living in right now are a direct result of all the thoughts that you have created. Today, get your thoughts together = if you desire a life full of love, happiness, and abundance, you must be mindful of your thoughts, they are the director of your destiny. Use your thoughts to create your life, know that the universe is conspiring FOR you and relax with the knowledge that something quite powerful is in the works.๐Ÿ˜ Give things, and positive thoughts a little bit more time today.๐Ÿ’—

Tricia of โœ”

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Cause & Effect

January 28th, Cause/Effect

What we think, we become.
What we are living in this exact moment is a direct result of all the thoughts that we have created. Our thoughts are real and they are designed and propelled by our intention. Whatever we think about, we bring about. If you desire a life full of love, happiness and abundance you must be mindful of your thoughts! Do they direct you upon this path that you desire? Or are they of negative thought – oh I’ll never get this, that or the other!? This negative energy of thought will never bring to you that what you desire.
Think of yourself as a magnet, attracting to you what you send out. Keep those thoughts of a high vibration, make it a daily practice to monitor your thoughts and let love be your guide!

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