No Excuses

August 20th, Black Egg

Today is the day to get real – no confusion, no excuses, no small talk, no noise, no lies … not even little ones! All you need to do is speak the truth. Speak slowly and clearly, ground yourself in your truth.

Time to ask yourself some important questions- What do you know to be true about yourself? What do you feel is true about the world you live in?

When you speak, speak with integrity – don’t say things you know others want to hear, don’t gossip, no repeating stories just to put yourself in a position that benefits you, this actually benefits no one. Speak honestly today, or say nothing at all.


Tricia of βœ”

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April 29th, The Shadow Side(The Devil)

From a psychological standpoint this card can represent human indulgences, ignorance, egotism, greed, and irresponsibility. Doesn’t sound so great does it? πŸ€” This IS our Shadow Side, and we all have one!
This card however, does not represent satanic forces with an evil intent!

When this card shows up in a reading it is telling you to reevaluate your relationship to material things which are keeping you chained. It’s time to look at whatever is limiting your personal growth, especially abusive obsessive or harmful relationships. Confront your fears today about Financial Security and social material success.

Also recognize and acknowledge things you don’t like about yourself: your personality, body, behavior or temperament. Today is the day to let go of old fears, hang-ups and inhibitions and ways you manipulate others to satisfy your needs, instead of taking responsibility for yourself.
This card can also indicate a sexual component that may have a harmful effect on your whole life (you know: the sex is Oh-So Good it leaves you breathless but wow, they are such an a** otherwise)πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆ or there could be a non-sexual relationship that binds you that must end before you can grow further. (Blackmail, guilting you into doing something, repeatedly when you don’t want to, telling you you’re not good enough, make you second guess yourself at every turn.) πŸ™
Whatever the situation is today you must know you are the only one who can change it! What chains did you break today, let me know‡

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Financial Independence!

October 6th,  9 of Pentacles 

Congratulations! If you have achieved financial independence and material security through your own actions, you have also acted with discipline to achieve your goals! Good Job! πŸ˜πŸ‘Š  Your finances should improve and allow you more comfort in your lifestyle! 

If a goal is financial independence, this is telling you it’s time to act with discipline to achieve your goals! Take charge of your future, especially if you crave this security in your financial life. 

Be aware you may give the impression you don’t need anyone, remember to give thanks to those that have assisted you in your goals!

Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.comβ¬… Where will your Journey take you?🌏
Email readings start at $20USD, for more information go to my website. Link πŸ” can be found above or in my Bio.  I look forward to working with you! πŸ™ŒπŸ’—
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