November 4th, The Wheel

Destiny! Things are changing! This is an indication of GOOD change!
Remember that we rise and fall through the various life cycles as the wheel turns.
Something has been put in motion over which you have no control, now you have to ride things out and go with the flow.
A positive change of Fortune is on the way to you, a new cycle begins where much progress can be made.
Enjoy this time and make the most of it!

Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you?

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Second Day of Destiny

October 9th,  Wheel of Fortune 

2nd Day of Destiny! Wow!
The beginning of a new cycle where much progress can be made! Things are changing, and for the better! 

Go with the flow as life moves in cycles. Accept the ups and downs in life, appreciate what you have! Don’t forget, what comes around goes around!
Sometimes life hands you lemons, so make lemonade. It’s all about perception. 

Take an active role in your destiny! There may be external factors which are influencing your current situation which are out of your control. When you are pushed in a New Direction know that every path leads somewhere even if you don’t know where it is, you might end up somewhere so much better than what you ever imagined!
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Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you? 🏞

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Your Destiny…

October 8th , Wheel of Fortune 

Known as the “Destiny” card, it brings in the energy of a positive change of Fortune and indicates the beginning of a new cycle where much progress can be made. 

Our life itself moves in cycles. The school years, college, our 20s, 30s and so on. Sometimes the cycles are shorter, like the Seasons. Change is always happening! Allow these changes to happen, especially the unexpected and make the best of this fortunate time for your growth and advancement. 

Don’t let the fear of the unknown deter you from your path!

Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you?🌎🗻
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Judgment:  As you sow, so shall you reap …  

August 11th: Judgment 

As you sow, so shall you reap!

What have you been giving your attention to these past few days, or months? What have you been trying to manifest into reality? 

The seeds that you have previously planted are now showing results and you should be rewarded for your efforts! 

This is also an indication of a sign, a nudge, or a flat out HEY It is Time to Wake Up and really see the light! New Beginnings are at hand if you can see the light! 

Time to abandon the old life! Look forward to a new start,  enlightenment,  renewal, revival or a happy ending that brings forth a new beginning! 

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Tricia of ❤ Where will your Journey take you? 👣
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Create Your Own Destiny

July 26th: The Empress 

Time to stop pondering your fate today! Take the bull by the horns and make it yourself!

This is an amazing time of prosperity, growth, creativity, and excitement. The Empress is a card of nurturing in all forms, work, friendship, love, romance, passion ..  all turning to potential fulfilled. 

Take action today to manifest your dreams and desires, bring them to fruition. Harness your self confidence in order to create wonderful opportunities! 

Don’t hold back today, put all your effort and passion into your endeavors, you will be richly rewarded!

#happywednesday #happyhumpday 

Tricia of 👈  Where will your Journey take you? 🕊

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The Magician, Card of the Day

July 5th: The Magician 

You have skills my friend! You know this, right!? 

We create our own destiny, we have all the magic that we’ll ever need within us already, the gist of it is that we don’t use our gifts or our abilities to manifest the life we want. Most of us walk around like a dog on a leash, tethered to false ideas about ourselves and our bad habits.

You have the power to create. Secure your Vision, create the life you desire. All the power you’ll ever need is within you. You are the Magician!     #happywednesday 

Tricia of 

Where will your Journey take you?

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The Wheel of Fortune


Here we see a wheel, set against the backdrop of the sky. There is no human element available to take control of the wheel and influence its movement. The movement of the wheel is random, so perhaps fate or luck are at work? What is controlling this wheel?

As the wheel turns, does it dip into our conscious when on the downward dip and the subconscious on the upward swing? Or, does this represent the ups and downs that we experience on our life journey? The downs give us our strength while the ups allow us to rejoice that we made it through the troublesome times and it is all a part of God’s divine plan? This divine plan is held at bay because of our lack of perception that everything is intertwined, we are all connected. Truly everything connects because we are all part of the Universe that was designed by God.

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dali Lama

Now at the halfway point though our journey through the Major Arcana Tarot cards we see a vision of the inner meaning of life. We’re all connected, and as the wheel turns change occurs within us and we too along with it. Whereas the Hermit turned away from the outer world to concentrate his attention within, now with the Wheel of Fortune we start again on our journey.

“Learned we may be with another man’s learning: we can only be wise with wisdom of our own.” -Michael de Montaigne

Hopefully we’ve gotten a sense of where we have been, but now where and what do we want to head towards? Are we at a milestone of some kind? Finishing High School, graduating from College, getting married? Or are we going through a divorce and having to start all over again? Completed caring for an aging parent that took much of our time and now that the loved one has passed, what to do with the free time? Perhaps retirement is on the horizon and all the free time is staring us in the face while we’re wondering if this is the road we want to travel, the change difficult but exciting as it is unknown?

In divinatory meanings:

The Wheel of Fortune is known as a ‘destiny card’ and typically brings a positive change of fortune. Some change of fortune should be coming about in your life, typically for the better. However, even though it may be for the better, we may not understand just why this has come about. Fate? Or as some say, Karma? Things change, life changes and as such the Wheel turns.

Another thing to remember with the Wheel of Fortune is to remain grounded and center yourself so while the wheel turns you have the opportunity to control your reaction to the changes it brings. Do you act out, or do you accept and adapt? What will your reaction be? How will you respond? This IS up to you!

Lastly, it indicates a new cycle of change where much progress can be made. Be sure to make the most of this fortunate time as change is constant. What will come next?!

“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” –Dalai Lama


Blessings on your journey!

Tricia of

The Lovers


In the Rider Waite depiction (middle card above) we see a mature man and a single woman presided over by an angel. In earlier versions of card #6 the title was ‘The Choice’ with the divination meaning of an important choice between two desires. We still see this card referring to choices in life which can be major or minor.

Our life is once ongoing choice. These options appear at a young age. In adolescence we first begin challenging the authority of our parents and their expectations of us.

Reviewing the previous cards of the Major Arcana, The Empress #3, The Emperor #4 and The Hierophant #5 we see the individual shaped by nature, society and our parents. Now we can see how the Lovers expresses our sexuality (and awakening hormones) that emerge with adolescence giving way to moral independence. As we mature it is time to make our own decisions, take hold of responsibilities and realize our desires moving forward on our life path.

Our adolescent years are the beginning of our forming relationships with others, which opens the way to what has been called ‘puppy love’. In addition we begin to establish relationships with our friends, mentors, and teachers. As we get older and more socially experienced we learn the give and take of relationships, the choices we face where we are given the glimpse of a new unity with others as well as a new relationship with our self. When becoming open to someone else we are given the option, the choice of surrendering our ego and seeing something greater than ourselves, thus represented by the Angel in the Rider Waite depiction.

Divinatory Meanings:  The Lovers card indicates love and relationships which are so very important to us in all stages of our life. We have our parental relationship, family, friends, teachers, spirit, and as we get older our coworkers, bosses, mentors, love interests, spouse, children and so on.

A particular relationship has or will become very important, you may even obtain a new life lesson via this relationship. This can also indicate help from your lover or emotional support in or from a relationship.

In the past it can represent nostalgia for an old lover, the present: your current love interest & the present choices you face in the relationship; the future: a new love on the horizon or making a commitment in a present relationship such as marriage, engagement or other relationship tie such as career or business. All of these instances involve choice. So follow your heart and keep in mind the higher good. Perhaps the Angel is a matchmaker bringing two lovers, or two people together and the Angel watching over the couple.

Some Keywords of this card:  Love, desire, destiny, romance, attraction, romantic bliss, emotions, harmony, the perfect union expressed through love, growth, duality, opposites, partners. Challenges overcome so that two lovers can be together. Choices in our relationships past, present and future.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~Oscar Wilde


Blessings on your journey!