Good Job!

January 6th, 3 of Wands


The energy you have placed towards your goals & dreams is starting to pay off! See that ship in the distance, it’s coming in for you! Your choices and decisions have been good!
So …. now what?! Have you put together your strategy for the next phase?
This is the time to keep planning and building upon that success you have obtained for further growth. OR, take that success and choose a new path. Where you go with your success is up to you! #happysaturday

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Fair Decisions 

December 31st, Fair Decisions

Be firm, stand your ground today. This is the end, and tomorrow is a New Beginning.
What have you learned this year?
Where have you grown?
Be fair and just in your decisions, stand up for yourself.
Forgiveness brings peace. Don’t be drinking poision and waiting for the other person to die.
#happysunday #newyearseve

Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you?

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Decisions, Decisions! 

December 28th, 7 of Emotion

Many opportunities may present themselves to you today, be sure you make a decision!
No decision is Still a decision! Essentially you’re handing over your power instead of using your Free Will to decide upon an opportunity that is given to you.
If you feel yourself stalling, tap into your intuition, listen to your body and how you feel. Make your decision and move forward!

Tricia of⬅ Where will your Journey take you?

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Decisions, Decisions!

October 16th,  7 of Cups 

Many choices are available to you today! However you may have so many to pick from that you may be unable to decide!? Your imagination may be running away with you: this one? No! This one. Oh wait! That one is perfect…oh hmmm, well what about this? … seems to be going through your mind.
Get grounded in your emotions as your imagination may be presenting things to you in an unrealistic manner. It may be that you discover the fears are within your own mind because you doubt yourself.
Decide upon a path and go for it! If you don’t you will be left empty handed! That IS the danger here!

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Are you Bored?

October 3rd, 4 of Cups

Are you feeling a bit blah today? You may feel a bit bored, have no enthusiasm, generally unfulfilled. Nothing is really ‘wrong’ today, you’re just not feeling it.  Maybe you’re wondering if your lover is serious about things? Or perhaps you’ve an emotional offer but you’re a bit on the fence, can’t decide.

Better snap out of it! 

An offer is being made, make a decision one way or another! Figure out what you Really Want … and Go For It! 

Just like the handsome man I spoke with today who is lacking Fun in his life, go make time, do something! Work will still be there, our health will not!

What we regret the most is that we never try because we’re too scared of leaving our comfort zone.

Every opportunity has an expiration date! Get off your a** and Move! 


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A Leap of Faith

September 23rd, The Fool 

Time to take a Leap of Faith in some area of your life today!

You may even need to make some sort of a major decision out of the blue!

Unexpected opportunity may suddenly appear that can bring welcome changes so you’ll need to remain open to these! 

Look at the world and your life with new eyes today. Allow your inner child’s wonderment and imagination come out full force. As we mature we loose this sense of wonderment and become bogged down with work and responsibilities. Return to this beautiful sense of wonderment and appreciate the potential. Dance, play, sing and take that chance to travel along the unknown path.

Be a trailblazer today!


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September 19th: 2 of Swords

You may feel a bit stuck? Perhaps you have a decision to make and are stuck in the middle because you can’t decide just what to do.

Choices are available, yet you’re at a stalemate, a deadlock and confusion exists. 

That blindfold over the eyes can be removed, but again… just stuck. You can’t move forward. So, what to do? 

Options are always available.  Take a step back to look at the situation logically and try a different approach.  

You may also be a bit out if balance so if a time out is needed, take it. Don’t get stuck here though. No decision is still a decision so take an active role in your destiny!

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The Emperor: Card of the Day 

July 29th: The Emperor

Triumph and Success should be your today! You’ve gained wisdom on your life Journey. You make decisions based on facts and are not overly influenced by your emotions. 

Today if you’re working on personal goals today you’re in a good position to achieve them, especially if they pertain to business or career matters. Of course you’ll have to put the work in, so structure and organization ware important!

Should your personal goals involve relationships, don’t get overly emotional and look at things with a clear mind, be rational in your decisions. 

Make a to-do list and get to it today, no excuses! How often do we use excuses to get out of doing something? If you want to reach for the stars, you’ve got to get out of bed! 

What you do today, creates your tomorrow! 

#happysaturday #weekend 

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Patience & New Beginnings: Card of the Day

July 10th: Priorities & New Beginnings 

For each new ambition, relationship, and experience you seek at this time you must release a current commitment so you’ll have room for the New. In order to achieve your desires you’ve got to put in the work to make them come true. If you want to loose weight, you have to eat better and exercise! If you want the new relationship you’ve got to release your past, and sometimes your present.

To bring about New Beginnings, you have to be open to change. Act upon your impulses and initiate New Beginnings! Act in confidence, all the elements are in place for your success! 

Take a leap of Faith, commit fully to what you want. Remember, to reach for something better, you must first release that which is in your hand. 

Your Master Teachers and Divine Father are guiding you, let go and let them guide you!

Tricia of ✔

Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information 🔝 I look forward to working with you!☺❤

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In the Rider-Waite deck we see a person sitting upon a stone bench, is this a man or a woman? It appears rather androgynous doesn’t it? In most of my other decks it is defiantly a woman. And sometimes she is blindfolded. Here in one hand a sword is held and the other a set of scales. One foot peeks out from beneath her robe while the other remains hidden. She sits between 2 stone pillars.

What does the symbolism mean?

The pillars represent duality and choices: light and dark, male and female, yin and yang.

We see the double edged sword raised towards the heavens which represents the air element and that of logic and reason. Every decision we make is double edged. It will not only have an effect on us but others as well. In addition after the decision is made it will come back around to us which we will see in the card of The Judgement later on in this Tarot Background series.


The scales held in her hand represent balance, while her fingers pointed down represent grounding; time to make a balanced, logical decision which will bring about a balance of past and future events.



Free will or destiny? – We are all thinking individuals which means we all have the opportunity of choice, we are free to do whatever we want. However our free will is governed by our past choices. If we do not understand ourselves, how can we expect to make a free choice? Only by seeing and accepting the past can we free ourselves from it.

When we see something in a Tarot reading that we don’t like, we have the opportunity to take action to correct it, to change the path we are on. However, we may have this foresight and be forewarned about an upcoming event, yet we must truly understand why it is coming and work on the causes within ourselves for the things we do and the ways we react.

We have to know how to use our free will or we will be constantly repeating our past behaviors. Our actions we have taken in the past have formed us and we our future selves are formed by the actions we take now in the present.

In a Tarot Reading:

Throughout our life we are presented choices, these create our future. Past decisions we’ve made are coming back to us now.  This card usually deals with reason and fairness, logical and not emotional decisions. The High Priestess is more of an emotional intuitive balance, here we need to buckle down and cast the emotions aside. You may have to make a major decision, one that will have a significant impact on your future so weigh your options and be balanced and fair in your dealings. You have good judgement at this time and you’re not swayed by personal considerations or bias. You should be able to see the truth of the matter, act in honesty and remember that the choices we make now will influence our future.

The Justice card also deals with legal matters or legal documents, so a prenuptial agreement, marriage license or certificate, divorce, parenting strategies, wills, trusts or anything to do with legal documents.

The Justice card usually indicates a legal ruling upon a matter falling in favor of the rightful side and usually has a beneficial outcome!

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte


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