August 8th, Dragon

Today you see everything. You are awakened, you are courageous, you are a visionary. You can easily glimpse the self, behind the self. You are in tune with your own power, and this power .. it is a fire within you.
Today is the day of transformation, you can surpass any obstacles in your path! You see beauty everywhere. And most of all you see the beauty of your most true self.💗
Breathe fire into and, unto your life today! 🔥

Tricia of

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King of Wands

October 24th, King of Wands

A great day to get things done! You have an energy of fire within you, use it to your advantage to get all those pesky tasks accomplished! Your strength, confidence, energy and optimism are at an all time high today! Stay focused on your path and you will achieve great things! 

A situation may be exactly as it appears to be with no hint of deception. This card can also indicate good fortune is coming your way, perhaps in the form of unexpected help, advice, good news, a promotion or an inheritance!

This card also represents a man that has all this wonderful energy within him, look to him for help if needed. 

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The card of Strength shows a sensual and serene woman taming a lion as she gently closes his mouth. As we have moved through the Major Arcana we have gone from a young babe to a mature adult seeking victory. Now we introduce the inner Strength that we all have available inside us to confront ourselves calmly and without fear. The woman represents our higher self while the lion represents our shadow self.

As we travel along on our life journey we have our ups and downs, our victories and our defeats. Strength allows us to face our challenges which can me mental, emotional or physical. We now have the ability to control and direct the self and where we want to go. We have our victory from The Chariot, now Strength gives us the ability to take that victory even further by releasing all the energy we have in our feelings. Our feelings are strong, powerful and a great compass to directing our own life path.

When going through the problems and crises we face it is our inner Strength that allows us to see things through. We have passion but are in control of it and do not succumb to it. We have an inner Strength that we truly are not aware of, by going within and tapping into this energy we can harness this power.

In addition this card shows patience and diplomacy. The woman is being gentle with the lion, her face is calm, serene. She doesn’t use brute force or show an appearance of angst, terror, pressure or anger.

Keywords for Strength: Patience, diplomacy, courage, inner strength, quiet determination, feminine charms, calm, personal control, confidence, using physical power only when necessary.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Blessings on your Journey,