Ready to Go!

August 22nd, Knight of Swords

Oh you’re ready to go!! There’s a lot of energy with this Knight! It can be so swiftly moving that it may feel like chaos – events unfold at the speed of light which can cause confusion. However, this swift-moving energy can be a necessary requirement as it brings about better circumstances. Be ready to roll with the changes that come your way!

Tricia of

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The Writing on the Wall

June 13, The Tower

Today some “man-made” beliefs and philosophies, which are frequently false … are coming to an end.

Things are illuminated for you and you get to see things as they really are.

Now that you have the ability to see the truth of the matter, you get to build anew for the future and this time with solid foundations!

This card can show a sudden or unexpected ending which can bring a sense of chaos with it. However, the writing may have been on the wall, you’ve just neglected to see it because you’ve been in denial about the situation. Realize now that you’ve got a huge opportunity to make a change, it IS being thrust upon you!

The truth shall set you free!

Tricia of✔

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