Your Destiny…

October 8th , Wheel of Fortune 

Known as the “Destiny” card, it brings in the energy of a positive change of Fortune and indicates the beginning of a new cycle where much progress can be made. 

Our life itself moves in cycles. The school years, college, our 20s, 30s and so on. Sometimes the cycles are shorter, like the Seasons. Change is always happening! Allow these changes to happen, especially the unexpected and make the best of this fortunate time for your growth and advancement. 

Don’t let the fear of the unknown deter you from your path!

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Change. It happens. 

September 16th: Death

Change.  It happens.

Now, to benefit from change you must remain open to it. It can be uncomfortable sure, yet recognize that each life experience we go through gives us the opportunity for growth and learning. This is a transformation for the better.

The Death card is the ending of one phase of life to make way for a new one. Many times we hold on far to long to what is unnecessary in our lives. We’ve grown complacent and enjoy the consistency, even when its a toxic or unhappy situation. We become so good at being mediocre that we forget we have this amazing beauty inside us!

By remaining stuck we deny ourselves new opportunities that await!

Remember that a caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis before becoming that beautiful butterfly. 🦋

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5 of Pentacles, Ask for Help!

September 9th: 5 of Pentacles 

If you feel a bit off today your finances may be the culprit. 

Take a moment to consider what you are doing and if a do-over or a do-differently is in order?! 

In addition, Pentacles are all about our foundation.  Our finances, career, job, work all contribute to keeping a roof over our head. Something we also put on the backburner is our Spiritual journey. This is a big part of our foundation too. Have you given this a thought? It may be time to reach out and reconnect!

Remember that help IS close by, you only need to reach out and ask!

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Life Experience 

September 4th: Life Experience 

Time for Change! You know you see the writing on the wall and may have been procrastinating over it.

Or a serious wake-up call has occured and you know it’s time to make some changes in your life. 

Time to take action. 

This is a time of awakening & freedom. How you see yourself, the things and people around you has changed. This brings you to New Growth and also encourages you to spread your wings and fly . Use these new insights to fire up your motivation. Go ahead and walk down that New Path, travel the unchartered territory, embrace your true desires and listen to your intuition.

You can now see the truth in the matter and build anew for the future, this time with a solid foundation. So tear all that old s*** down and start fresh, don’t resist change because this is necessary – suddenly you have seen the truth in the matter at hand. 

Change is coming now, time is running out. Stop sticking your head in the sand! 

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Religion & Spirituality 

August 25th: Religion & Spirituality 

Are you feeling a shift?!  Your Spiritual life may be shifting because you’re getting in touch with your honest beliefs. 

What worked in the past doesn’t hold true for you now. 

This may cause some strife within your family or yourself especially if you’re leaving a long time religious family tradition.  

Remember these are your choices and your family may not understand. This fear may create chaos.  You don’t have to win your family’s approval. 

If you’ve obtained a new Spiritual teacher, be sure to do your research before you jump in with a full commitment.  Do your research, keep your free will intact and find a path that resonates with your Soul. 

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August 20th: Emotions 

Change and transition!  Perhaps your feelings are speaking to you a bit louder today, than usual?! Why?

You’re evolving and progressing so you’ll naturally have a different perspective than you did before.

When you ignore your feelings, your emotions they’ll grow louder and stronger so you will hear them loud and clear! 

So … listen!

What in your life is becoming intolerable?  If you enjoyed it previously, and now it no longer holds your interest this would be because you and your emotions have changed regarding the situation. 

Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself the opportunity to grow and evolve more from this new knowledge of yourself! 

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The Tower: Time for a Revolution 

August 2nd: The Tower

Anticipation… Change … it is time.

Anything built upon false belief is now coming to an end. This change may be unexpected or sudden, however when this card shows up it can be Validation as you knew that something was on its way. 

We humans are not so fond of change, we get comfortable, comfy, cozy, lazy. We stay blind to the probability and the possibility of seeing the writing on the wall. You know it’s probably in big, bright letters but we turn a blind eye towards the change. 

Change is the one true constant in our life! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Situations that were deemed permanent may be changing. Now, this change gives us the ability to start over with a new and improved foundation! Don’t resist as this is necessary to bring forth peace and enlightenment! Tear down all the old, get rid of it so you may welcome in the new!

Whatever obstacles were in your path and holding you back from fulfilling your potential or happiness should be cleared away now. These obstacles may be imposed upon you yourself. Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Expect a breakthrough today!  

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Invention & Creativity: Card of the Day

July 11th: Invention & Creativity 

Some days you’re handed lemons, get creative and make lemonade!

You are not your circumstances, you have not inherited a load of negativity. You have the power to change your circumstances via the change in your thoughts, your mindset. 

Use the pain you’ve experienced to move yourself to a higher ground, it has given you strength! 

Remember to be grateful for all the positive in your life, continue with this mindset to fuel your creative passions and have the life you desire!

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Where will your Journey take you?

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Patience & New Beginnings: Card of the Day

July 10th: Priorities & New Beginnings 

For each new ambition, relationship, and experience you seek at this time you must release a current commitment so you’ll have room for the New. In order to achieve your desires you’ve got to put in the work to make them come true. If you want to loose weight, you have to eat better and exercise! If you want the new relationship you’ve got to release your past, and sometimes your present.

To bring about New Beginnings, you have to be open to change. Act upon your impulses and initiate New Beginnings! Act in confidence, all the elements are in place for your success! 

Take a leap of Faith, commit fully to what you want. Remember, to reach for something better, you must first release that which is in your hand. 

Your Master Teachers and Divine Father are guiding you, let go and let them guide you!

Tricia of ✔

Where will your Journey take you?

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The Wheel of Fortune


Here we see a wheel, set against the backdrop of the sky. There is no human element available to take control of the wheel and influence its movement. The movement of the wheel is random, so perhaps fate or luck are at work? What is controlling this wheel?

As the wheel turns, does it dip into our conscious when on the downward dip and the subconscious on the upward swing? Or, does this represent the ups and downs that we experience on our life journey? The downs give us our strength while the ups allow us to rejoice that we made it through the troublesome times and it is all a part of God’s divine plan? This divine plan is held at bay because of our lack of perception that everything is intertwined, we are all connected. Truly everything connects because we are all part of the Universe that was designed by God.

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dali Lama

Now at the halfway point though our journey through the Major Arcana Tarot cards we see a vision of the inner meaning of life. We’re all connected, and as the wheel turns change occurs within us and we too along with it. Whereas the Hermit turned away from the outer world to concentrate his attention within, now with the Wheel of Fortune we start again on our journey.

“Learned we may be with another man’s learning: we can only be wise with wisdom of our own.” -Michael de Montaigne

Hopefully we’ve gotten a sense of where we have been, but now where and what do we want to head towards? Are we at a milestone of some kind? Finishing High School, graduating from College, getting married? Or are we going through a divorce and having to start all over again? Completed caring for an aging parent that took much of our time and now that the loved one has passed, what to do with the free time? Perhaps retirement is on the horizon and all the free time is staring us in the face while we’re wondering if this is the road we want to travel, the change difficult but exciting as it is unknown?

In divinatory meanings:

The Wheel of Fortune is known as a ‘destiny card’ and typically brings a positive change of fortune. Some change of fortune should be coming about in your life, typically for the better. However, even though it may be for the better, we may not understand just why this has come about. Fate? Or as some say, Karma? Things change, life changes and as such the Wheel turns.

Another thing to remember with the Wheel of Fortune is to remain grounded and center yourself so while the wheel turns you have the opportunity to control your reaction to the changes it brings. Do you act out, or do you accept and adapt? What will your reaction be? How will you respond? This IS up to you!

Lastly, it indicates a new cycle of change where much progress can be made. Be sure to make the most of this fortunate time as change is constant. What will come next?!

“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” –Dalai Lama


Blessings on your journey!

Tricia of