Leap or Look?

July 20th, Desirée

Sometimes it seems very romantic to jump in to something without looking! However, your happiness is most important so of you go ahead and leap without looking, it will not bring you the happiness you desire. 😕

Of course you have options! You can go ahead and leap without looking, know that your guides will be with you. They will come to your rescue and be there to help.

The other option of course is waiting – it will give you a different point of view and from this different perspective you obtain more information about the situation. You may realize that this situation isn’t right, and something better may come along. Why settle?

Personal Note: whether you listen to your guides or not, you grow and learn – this is what develops your intuition.

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Leaping & Not Looking

July 13th, Knight of Pentacles, Reversed

Whoa, hold on there! You may be moving far too fast and either spending your finances before you even receive them!? Your practicality and conservative nature have flown the coop.

A new message concerning your finances may come to you today, be chill about it and think first before acting!

If you’re considering a new plan for money-spinning, a new venture for making some quick cash. …..No! Not today! This isn’t a good plan for you! You’re leaping and not looking at the long term. Take a step back and pay attention to your finances today. No money risks today please!


Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.com

Tarot Readings via email start at $20USD, Phone Readings start at $35USD. Visit my website for more information. Link above✔🔝

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The Moon:  Card of the Day

September 1st: The Moon

Get in touch with your intuition today!  

If you have some wild or crazy dreams write these down too, later they may make perfect sense to you. Pay attention to your feelings, dreams, instincts as all these may be emotionally charged and the reality of some situations may not be fully visible yet. They are in the shadows and need time to process before coming to light. 

Don’t jump to conclusions, give things a bit of time before you make any permanent decisions today.

Tune in to your own vibrations but other people’s as well which will help guide you!

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Justice:  Card of the Day

August 5th: Justice 

Time for balance!

Have purity in your purpose today. When making decisions, do your best to be balanced in logical thought as these decisions will shape your future.

As we go about our Journey,  a balanced mind brings with it a balanced decision for all involved. 

If you’ve been involved in legal issues a decison sould be made in your favor.  Be sure to read and reread any legal agreements before signing them today! 

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Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.com 👈 Where will your Journey take you? 👣

Email readings start at  $20USD,  go to my Website for more information.  🔝Link in my Bio.  I look forward to working with you! 

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The Hermit


When we think of a Hermit we may think of two paths, one inner and one outer. There is the inner withdrawal – to go within and reconnect with Spirit or the outer withdrawal from the world. Meditation is a useful process here. The prospect of finding or connecting to God/Spirit through a personal experience. Hermits were also thought of as living Saints.

We may also see the Hermit as a teacher, the special guide that will help us find our way. This could be a tarot card reader, a therapist, a mentor, a spirit guide or even our dreams. The star in the lantern that the Hermit holds gives us what we need to find him, the guiding light. He will help us find our way if we use our Strength from the previous card to follow him.

In a reading the Hermit symbolizes a withdrawal from outer concerns. This can be emotional withdrawal and at times from other people and activities that we thought were important. If you’ve been overworking yourself you may need to take a rest and relax, get in touch with yourself. Your maturity that you gained in the Chariot will serve you well as you now have a knowledge of what really matters in your life. You have all the answers within you but you may need a bit of time to access them.

When we see the Hermit as a guide this allows you to make your own self-discoveries. It is smart to follow your own path and principles even when you may feel lost. Perhaps you may need to reestablish your balance and allow time and space for all factors to emerge. If you have a major decision to make, now is not the time to do it even if you’re feeling pressured into it. Wait, go within and stand by your principles.

When you are in the healing traditions or that of a parent, you may indeed be the Hermit displaying your role as a guide and teacher to others. When others are in disagreement and both sides blame you, step back. If there is no audience, the quarreling will usually die down.

Keywords for The Hermit: careful thought & contemplation, guide, teacher, wisdom, peace, solitude, knowledge, searching, meditation, research & study, seeker, reflection, intuition.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; and third, by experience which is the bitterest.” ~Confucius

“In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first.” ~Jimi Hendrix

Blessings on your Journey,