Calm After the Storm

November 3rd, 6 of Swords

A lot of Swords cards this week, your mind has been super busy with a lot of nonsense! Today, you’re chillin’ out. You’re moving out of Stormy Waters into calmer ones. Your emotions are calming, your fear is subsiding. If you have experienced difficult times, things will improve and harmony will once more be restored. You’ll need to leave behind any bitterness or regrets to do so. The Past is the Past, remember & learn but move on.

The Swords in the boat indicate our experiences, our life lessons … these are part of us & they always travel with us. Think of these as Tools in your toolbox of life: you’ve had this experience and now you know how to handle it should it happen again. This card may also indicate beneficial travels usually within 6 months, a vacation, relocation or house move that will bring you happiness OR a disruptive neighbor or spiteful colleague will soon move unexpectedly out of your life. #GildedTarotDeck #saturday

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The card of Strength shows a sensual and serene woman taming a lion as she gently closes his mouth. As we have moved through the Major Arcana we have gone from a young babe to a mature adult seeking victory. Now we introduce the inner Strength that we all have available inside us to confront ourselves calmly and without fear. The woman represents our higher self while the lion represents our shadow self.

As we travel along on our life journey we have our ups and downs, our victories and our defeats. Strength allows us to face our challenges which can me mental, emotional or physical. We now have the ability to control and direct the self and where we want to go. We have our victory from The Chariot, now Strength gives us the ability to take that victory even further by releasing all the energy we have in our feelings. Our feelings are strong, powerful and a great compass to directing our own life path.

When going through the problems and crises we face it is our inner Strength that allows us to see things through. We have passion but are in control of it and do not succumb to it. We have an inner Strength that we truly are not aware of, by going within and tapping into this energy we can harness this power.

In addition this card shows patience and diplomacy. The woman is being gentle with the lion, her face is calm, serene. She doesn’t use brute force or show an appearance of angst, terror, pressure or anger.

Keywords for Strength: Patience, diplomacy, courage, inner strength, quiet determination, feminine charms, calm, personal control, confidence, using physical power only when necessary.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Blessings on your Journey,