Gratitude for Your Body

July 22nd

Do you show gratitude towards your body? Do you love it? Are you mindful of how hard it works for you .. every… single… day? Do you treat it well? Do you eat well, or do you feed it processed food that could outlive us all? Do you exercise? If you didn’t have your body, lost a part of it, how would you react? Are you grateful for all your 10 little fingers and toes? Your legs, your arms? What if you didn’t have them?🤔😥

Sure in social media we see these perfect pictures of “Perfect People” *Roll Eyes* 🙄 Perfect is ..YOU .. in all your glory! Now, are you taking care of this masterpiece that IS YOU? Hmmm???

Your body carries your Spirit, appreciate the Vitality that you have, take good care of yourself, listen to your body – what is it asking of you that you might be ignoring? What does it need that you’re not giving it?

Sure setbacks happen but if we look upon them as lessons to learn as opposed to a failure, you can Glimpse the bigger picture. Everything can be a gift, especially that of your body.

Tricia of ✔

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