Blast From the Past! 

September 14th: 6 of Cups

A blast from the past may swoop in on you today bringing with it a high level of excitement and emotions! ❤

Something or someone may be coming back. This could be an old friend, or the revival of an old love relationship.

A past situation that affected you emotionally may be resurfacing too, something that you feel very passionate about, so this isn’t limited only to your love life.  

This blast from the past will make an entrance now and bring you happiness and satisfaction!

Nostalgia and memories are covering you today. Feeling a bit sentimental? These pleasant memories remind you that if you were happy in the past, you can be happy now in the present and the future. 

Get in touch with your inner child. Reclaim your innocence and play like a kid again

What came back for you today?


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