Break Time!

July 24th, Take a Breather/Detachment

You work, and you work to reach your goals, and although it may feel as life will fall apart if you take a break, that’s not true! This is your EGO speaking to you. To continue the progress on your path, you must release past situations and hurts.

By Taking a Breather and Detaching, you are given the chance to remove uncertainty, doubt and regret! With these negative emotions gone you gain the power to replace them with hope, belief, and contentment, and reconnect with your Spirit. Once you regain your balance you can realign with the higher vibration.

Know there’s always more than enough time to do what’s important. Right now you need to relax. The universe is trying to test you, and bring you to, or force you, to balance yourself out.

Today take a breather and detach. You don’t have to work overtime.


Tricia of ✔

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Retreat Time!

February 1st, Retreat

When you listen to everybody else’s advice about your love life, it is easy to become confused or conflicted. Right now you need to disconnect and spend some alone time with your partner, or by yourself to make your love life blossom and Bloom again.
Go for a mini vacation, take a quiet afternoon away, turn off the phones, the computer and just retreat for a few hours.
If you’re single, spend some time by yourself and figure out what your true feelings and thoughts are about relationships. Take action on this intuitive guidance that comes to you.

Tricia of✔ Where will your Journey take you?

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