Ready to Go!

August 22nd, Knight of Swords

Oh you’re ready to go!! There’s a lot of energy with this Knight! It can be so swiftly moving that it may feel like chaos – events unfold at the speed of light which can cause confusion. However, this swift-moving energy can be a necessary requirement as it brings about better circumstances. Be ready to roll with the changes that come your way!

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Change. It happens. 

September 16th: Death

Change.  It happens.

Now, to benefit from change you must remain open to it. It can be uncomfortable sure, yet recognize that each life experience we go through gives us the opportunity for growth and learning. This is a transformation for the better.

The Death card is the ending of one phase of life to make way for a new one. Many times we hold on far to long to what is unnecessary in our lives. We’ve grown complacent and enjoy the consistency, even when its a toxic or unhappy situation. We become so good at being mediocre that we forget we have this amazing beauty inside us!

By remaining stuck we deny ourselves new opportunities that await!

Remember that a caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis before becoming that beautiful butterfly. 🦋

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Religion & Spirituality 

August 25th: Religion & Spirituality 

Are you feeling a shift?!  Your Spiritual life may be shifting because you’re getting in touch with your honest beliefs. 

What worked in the past doesn’t hold true for you now. 

This may cause some strife within your family or yourself especially if you’re leaving a long time religious family tradition.  

Remember these are your choices and your family may not understand. This fear may create chaos.  You don’t have to win your family’s approval. 

If you’ve obtained a new Spiritual teacher, be sure to do your research before you jump in with a full commitment.  Do your research, keep your free will intact and find a path that resonates with your Soul. 

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The Hierophant: Get Connected 

August 3rd: The Hierophant

When was the last time you and Spirit became connected?  If it has been a while, a teacher or mentor may become a part of your life to assist in guiding you upon your path.

If you are connected to Spirit on a regular basis, you may be the mentor for someone else. 

Remember when you are a teacher or mentor you may also be the student! We all learn from each other. 

Are your beliefs flexible or rigid? 

You have a choice in your Spiritual pursuits.  What you believe and how you practice, do they still suit you?  This card shows a need to reflect upon your belief system. Do you follow along blindly because that is what you were taught to do from a young age or are you ready to buck the system and find your true calling?  

Conformity and conventional set ways of thinking where change may be difficult or, buck the system, the establishment of all that has been set in stone and follow your own inner song? 

What you do is up to you. Either way you go, get connected to Spirit.


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Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information.  Link can be found in my Bio.  🔝 I look forward to working with you! 😆

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Invention & Creativity: Card of the Day

July 11th: Invention & Creativity 

Some days you’re handed lemons, get creative and make lemonade!

You are not your circumstances, you have not inherited a load of negativity. You have the power to change your circumstances via the change in your thoughts, your mindset. 

Use the pain you’ve experienced to move yourself to a higher ground, it has given you strength! 

Remember to be grateful for all the positive in your life, continue with this mindset to fuel your creative passions and have the life you desire!

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Where will your Journey take you?

Email readings start at  $20USD, go to my Website for more information! I look forward to working with you! 😊❤

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