Breaking Free

April 7th, Breaking Free

Your mind, is it Friend or Foe?
Many times we feel or think that we are trapped by outside circumstances. For example: we feel or think that we can’t leave a toxic relationship, we feel or think that our family or spouse or friends won’t let us pursue a change of life such as taking college classes, changing our job, or starting a new exercise program.

You do realize that you are responsible for yourself, right? You’re not responsible for anybody else’s shortcomings. And typically when you have the desire and show confidence towards taking a leap of faith in a New Direction, other people’s insecurities come into play because they want to do so themselves. It’s their own fear that they are projecting upon you to hold you back and keep you down at their level, or lower.

So I tell you today, Break Free from the naysayers! Don’t feel trapped in some areas of your life! Take a step in freeing yourself from any unnatural restrictions and negative people! You are free! You are powerful! Enjoy your freedom and your power, be happy! You’ll bring more strength, happiness, confidence and love to others by accepting your own.

Tricia of✔ Where will your Journey take you?

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Author: FreeBirdJourneys

My goal is to help you live your best life. Empowerment comes when you obtain clarity and awareness to make the best decisions for your life’s journey. The choices and decisions in combination with our mindset and free will determine our path. Through your Personal Reading you will gain the clarity and awareness you desire as you continue your life’s journey. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide. Blessings to you! Tricia

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