Be Kind

October 1st, Kindness

Be Kind to yourself: stop putting yourself down, stop with the negative thoughts of you are ugly, unlovable, stupid, too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall. Change your thoughts to kind positive vibes and your life will change. If your life changes to a positive vibe, the world changes with you. 
Be Kind to Others: Hold the door open for someone, let someone cut in front of you in line when you see they have 2 items compared to your 30, let someone merge in front of you easily when driving, take that stack of papers your coworker printed out to them when you get your stuff from the printer, tell someone they look nice today, praise others for their good work.  Tell a stranger Hello and Smile at them. 

Pay attention to your thoughts and actions, are they kind? If not, what type of energy are you drawing in? 

Already so much negativity in our world, don’t add more to it. Shift it. Be Kind today and enjoy the positive energy instead.

Tricia of

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