Look Around!

September 17th: 5 of Cups 

If you’re feeling a little sad today, stop and look around at the Good in your life!

So many time we are focused on the “Don’ts” = I don’t have a bigger house, I don’t have a nice car, I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever it is you Don’t have and its wreaking havoc with your emotions. 

So, stop and look at what you DO have! 

You have a house or apartment or a roof over your head, you have a car or even a bicycle, or your two feet that get you around! You may not have a boyfriend or girlfriend but hey, that doesn’t mean you never will! 

The 5 of Cups is about emotional sadness and looking to see what GOOD is still left in the situation. The Man is crying and in anguish but isnt looking at the 2 Cups still upright behind him. What gifts are waiting there that he is neglecting?

So take a look around and be grateful for that which you DO Have! 

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Tricia of FreeBirdJourneys.com ⬅  Where will your Journey take you?👣
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Author: FreeBirdJourneys

My goal is to help you live your best life. Empowerment comes when you obtain clarity and awareness to make the best decisions for your life’s journey. The choices and decisions in combination with our mindset and free will determine our path. Through your Personal Reading you will gain the clarity and awareness you desire as you continue your life’s journey. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide. Blessings to you! Tricia

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