The Lovers: Card of the Day 

July 30th: The Lovers

Two coming together to make one…

This is the card of love and relationships, balance, 2 opposites coming together.

Our love relationships bring about our greatest choices as these decisions are often long lasting. They offer us the greatest challenges and the greatest personal growth. 

We all enjoy security and comfort and the newness of a relationship can be frightening, however when this card appears the harmony, balance and love of this union is a welcome joyous feeling. 

Your passion, spirit, emotional and mental connection are in sync with each other. Two polarities are combined, the connection is magnetic, passionate, electric. 

Cupid has shot her arrow and love is blind, but you dont have to be stupid about it!

Be sure that any choices you make concerning your relationships today are well thought out.  Go forward in harmony, join forces to obtain a common goal, grow, challenge yourself  and today, enjoy some passion in your life people! 


Tricia of 🙋 Where will your Journey take you?

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Author: FreeBirdJourneys

My goal is to help you live your best life. Empowerment comes when you obtain clarity and awareness to make the best decisions for your life’s journey. The choices and decisions in combination with our mindset and free will determine our path. Through your Personal Reading you will gain the clarity and awareness you desire as you continue your life’s journey. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide. Blessings to you! Tricia

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