Card of the Day: 2 of Coins

July 23rd: 2 of Coins

This is a day of balance.

Whatever you are working on, especially multiple projects you’ll handle them with style, grace and great finesse. Work, home, family and the ability to balance them all will come easily to you today. 

Sometimes we drop a ball at times, like a juggler learning, it happens. Remember that its about keeping the momentum going, keep working at it. Even if you drop a ball, pick it up again, be flexible and adapt to your circumstances. You’ve got the skills necessary to obtain this balance today!


Tricia of 👈  Where will your Journey take you? 

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Author: FreeBirdJourneys

My goal is to help you live your best life. Empowerment comes when you obtain clarity and awareness to make the best decisions for your life’s journey. The choices and decisions in combination with our mindset and free will determine our path. Through your Personal Reading you will gain the clarity and awareness you desire as you continue your life’s journey. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide. Blessings to you! Tricia

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